martes, 14 de noviembre de 2017

Middle Earth (i), and more...

I was quite busy many nights, I am working in several topics at the same time, not really a progress but I feel quite happy indeed with my results anyway

I think many of you do know the boardgame "War of the Ring" It brings a lot of nice figs for the Tolkien universe, the scale  matches quite good the 1/72 (not so good with horsemen but OK)  and there you have troops and officers for all different factions (Rohan, Gondor, elves, dwarves, Nordor and Orthanc-Saruman....)  But best of all, there are a selecition of the main characters!!: fellowship of the Ring, Bad Guys...

There you can find some Uruk Hais htat Phil OTep asked about, (i took a pic fromn the same website)

I was working on the characters mainly, here the first look of figures (not yet finished), GAndalf the Grey, Frodo and Sam,

There "Strider", Gimli and legolas.

This Strider-Aragorn is not from the game  , as the included figure there ressembles more Aragorn as king of Gondor. This is the figure form Cesar adventurer set .. So you have a size comparison!

I am quite happy with them

The last pics show my converted Boromir and the other two Hobbits.. Also the original Boromir state, so yo can see how better he looks now with some relevant equipment changes :)

I started also some enemies for them..

Here a selection of diverse Uruk Hai including one form the commented game.. 
Standard bearer comes from Eureka 18mm. he is tiny, but he is not important, the HUGE WHITE HAND FLAG is :)  .

Many  uruk here are self-production with milliput, moulding form an Alliance master
Othe day i will sohow the making-off.. Do you find the original in the picture?

PS. As last gift, going back to Westeros, a preview of how Drogon grew up during las month,  he is able to carry Daenerys on him. Still to finish

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  1. Hi Sceavus, I've just read this post, I don't know how but I didn't read it before. The hobbits come from the "War of the ring" boardgame ? They are very nice figures... and your uruk-hai are great, I don't how you made them, I would be happy to see a making-of !