lunes, 18 de junio de 2018


some further steps here,

I am almost ready with some southron warrior from Harad to ride the first Mumak

Choice was more or less easy, I had just to find arabic looking figures.. (not so much known about Hard in books or films: that land corresponds roughly with real north africa or near east.. Desertic-nomad tribes and so on..)

HAt Almoravids and andalusians were tsken this time, but maybe also strelets muslims go next,,,

A burnt red+black colour scheme as in Peter Jackson films Works fine too..Not so much work here, it was relaxing :)

I man painting more figures, in order to crew 2 beasts (next exemplar will be ready soomn) and have also some infantry

Then i went for a further challenge: tHe Mumak need a driver...

I use again Peter Jackson inspiration, in form of the Mumak Leader or "Mahud" according to the film bibliography..actually not so imaginative idea from Word "Mahoud" which means exactly.. elephant driver in india

These drivers look forocious with a red banner behind his back, shaved head and black/brown/white warpaints..

i used one egyptian and one sumerian  as first experiments, and i like the result..

 I hade to borrow a samurái banner and make some clothe vest from Green stuff.. Easy and effective..


and here my humble results:

I can not help psoitng a pair of pcitured with the mumak with full crew, even if not 100%finished:

I like that, he will rule some battefields sooner or later...

martes, 12 de junio de 2018


Hallo, After some pause, here I present how my first converted war Mumak of Harad looks...

In my taste it works fine!! Wood structures, platform for the driver (Mahout) in front, above animal´s head, warpaints..

 I Made also some  darkening and "wearing" on the tusks, they look better like that

Haradrim Crew  is also recruited and printed, to be painted next days!(finally from Hat almoravids and andalusians)

Before painting.. Too much friendly look...

Compare Painted!!

Black paintings added as well:

Also a shot of the fight between Eowyn of Rohan and the Witch King of Angmar..

Guess where Eowyn parts come from?

Some Rohan soldiers on foot (95% finished!)

lunes, 4 de junio de 2018

Project Mumakil (II)

As i challenged myself to go further with all Lord of The Rings  Mega-project, I had to take this  "bestial" sub-project where I left it, more than one year ago..

And actually I enjoyed myself during 3 days of creative working!

Here the first trails of making a War platform for the Haradrim (who are still not present, those spanish medieval soldiers are just  temprary substitutes for size and visual test...)

I went through the easy wat at the begining: just hexagonal base cut from cardboard , wood sticks and nothing else.. But it looks indeed good yet at this point!

Starting with some inspiration pictures:

Then continuing with "seroius business", as read in several net threads about "Homemade mumakil" and following Paul (Bods Master) advic, I decid myself fot making ttemendous tusks.. I still used the original ones hoiwever, placing as rear secodnary defence..

New front tusks are made with strong wire and putty(epoxy..

Maybe too big? Too late..

I wet also further with the plaform: A turret added (It will look similar to Peter Jacskon/Games Workshop example but not so masisve structure..)

Again cardoboard for the "fence" and decorated with putty as "leather" ..It took longer than expected,, Result OK, but I was a little worried about making it six times for the hexagonal base,,

One day later, after recovering energy and ideas I went further and completed the hexagonal fence in a very fast and easy way:  placing some wire "columns" and surrounding  them with adhesive tape for electricists.. Fool trick but it worked! And a lot of place for the crew!!!

I also complete the converison ans painting of the tusks, added some ropes as fixing straps and here the result  ath this moment..You like it? Rohirrim do not.. 

Next steps: painting the structute, adding  a pair  of further elements in the front,  mandatory Harad war paints and some banner...

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2018

Seriously starting with Epic LORD OF THE RINGS

After I finished with He-Man, i can focus again in The Lord of The rings ideas  in order to produce enough figures to represent the bigger battles from the books and films (mostly Battle of Helms Deep and Pellenor Fields but probably also elves and dwarves for Battle of The Five srmies..)

i have not a clear plan (I know i want rohirrim, Gondor, main characters, mumakil and Harad troops s well as many orcs and uruk hai) and I will go slow, but i will try not to stop..

Here my first bunch of un-finisdhed Rohan warriors (foot and horse), more to come ....

I used many common figures from several sets which are medieval-dark age-fantasy-bearded-barbarian-or-viking-with long capes-round shields- but also many which are unknown, you know where are they from?
colurs scheme metal-green-brown works quite good and it is simple and allows to miz fine all these figs from different origins

By the way, some of them are also bad moulded copies by myself at home to increase the horse archer numbers :)

Im afraid i will be dispersed again with other projects in the middle (like Game of Thrones which is allways appealing me) see my Lannister knights commanded by one "enlarged" Jaime Lannister (original Caesar figure is nice but looked too small for the character. Now he is more present as strong carachter, look the duel vs Robert Stark..)