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Preview of Game of Thrones Project Bigreestructuration --Wargaming!!

Hello, after several days of hard working in the miniatures , I will how you a preview of what I was developing..

As you know, I was already making several 1/72 customized figures for the Game of Thrones /Song of Ice and Fire universe, just for fun , when I casually found a nice Tabletop miniature game which appeared during 2017-2018.., developed by Company: Cool Mini or Not? /Dark Sword miniatures..

Some pics here... The launched original figures are extremely beautiful , but (in the case fortunately!) too big, 40mm, and  veeery expensive..

Official link:

That motivated me extremely to intensify my own production 1/72 figures..

I would like to try those rules since they are more or less open to find some versions in the web...
It is some kind of rank and file -dicing throwing system, roughly  as Warhammer is but  easier and nicely including some rules for not-fighting characters as Cersei Lannister, Sansa Stark, Varys the Spider and so on...

This existing system and units, charachters.. allowed me to made an easier plan..

I will try to make tmy own adaptation of he Existing armies/Factions  at the moment are 5: For War of the Five Kings, only three : Starks, Lannisters, mercenaries(Neutral);
and for the Far North: Wildlings beyond the Wall and the Nights Watch (Hope to see White Wlakers as well..)

That is a huge amount of excitation for me as you can imagine.

here I show you many Charachters during my "design phase" as well as some units, compared to the look in the TV Series and some other images (the game plates themselves  were a quite good inspiration) You must believe me, I was soo motivated ..

When I finish two basic armies (Stark and Lannister) I will post more defined and beautiful images,

Here just the (huge) preview



I had already figures for Eddard Stark and elder son Robb Stark "The Young Wolf", (and also Arya Stark girl as wanderer..)..

I have also  Jon Snow, if not properly a Stark member (at just at the beginning!)

I expanded with Catelyn Stark, Sansa Stark and Direwolves Greywind, Ghost and Summer and Bran stark plus HODOR... (also youngest Stark child Rickon there, but not finished yet.. his Direwolf also planned next)

Choosing the right size for the DireWolves was a challenge.. It should  not be exrtemely big but also not a dog or just "large wolf".

Ral Partha fantasy Wolves work really fine

Somw Robb+Greywind inspiration images

And here the result:

For Sansa and Lady Catelyn I took two nice 25mm medieval Ladies wich happen to be close to 1/72 enough.. (Sansa comes form Thunderbolt Mountain  miniatures, I added her a hairbraid to look more similar to TV series as the figure has loose  long hair

CAtelyn was more difficult as I could not find a good Lady looking like the TV charachter..
 I chose these Mega-Miniatues lady and added her some fur cape, after modifying slightly her headdress and also braid.. She makes the job I guess

I had to study carefully pictures of their delicate dresses form the Series, as if I was a  Fashion student...

Then I went for a bigger challenge.. young boy Bran Stark riding on HODOR!!!

Hodor is a mind-weakened giant carrying a handicaped boy... I needed some engineering skills to finsd and ensamble different pieces (an Games Workshop orc body parts + a Zvezda peasant head), plus a handcrafted paper "saddle"..

Bran is a body from an old  out-of-scale french dragoon  copied from airfix , on which I added a head of a Hat andalusian bowmen.. I am surprised still of the good results...

I learnt something very  important about human anatomy and proportions-Harmony for our hobby:
A small head on a big body looks really like a plausible giant.. 
However, a big head makes the sensation just of out of scale or deformation, which we dont want at all.(that happens often with classic fantasy 28mm figures....)

Another Ral Partha wolf chosen to be "Summer"..supposed to have more bRownish or beige fur at some points:

I made Osha, the wildling woman companion who ghoes along with Bran , rickon and Hodor for a part of their journey

Battle units:

I made a unit of swordmen  (different fig available form generic norman or medieval troops) , a unit of mounted outriders, (Redbox War of roses scottish and scurrers are so good for these) and some bowmen (not pictures yet!)

And finally Berserkers form House Umber.. I needed a tall strong guy to be Greatjon Umber, Lord of that House..

Again big body (28mm viking) + Normal head (orion slavs)  = gigantic man
(and a cloake from paper tissue as read somewhere in the net.. It works...

Berserks come from viking, saxon and slavic sets.. Fierce looking is accomplishe. They wear a red Banner with an unchained giant

Resultado de imagen de umber greatjon


I will not post the main lannister charachters as they are over other posts, lets wait anyway for next days;

Lannister units:

Ser Grgeor Clegane "The Mountain".. some of his men-at-Arms  also ready (not pic yet)

-Lannister guards: A unit made with different swordsmen.. They look nice in my opinion!

Jaime Lannister is on command

Working on shields was difficult but fun..

Crossbowmen (any XIV-Xv fig makes the job good enogh)

Also some very important side-characters: Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger),  Brienne de Tarth- Knight Maiden and Eunuch Varys "the Spider"

And finnaly, short preview fot the upcoming Wildlings and the Night Watch;

Jon Snow  and Direwolf Ghost with Maester Aemon and Samwell TArly

And wildling giants!!!

Hoipe you liked it!!! Enough for several days!!

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  1. Beautiful work on all of these Sceavus. What a great project these are turning out to be. The characters are fantastic, the scale of the wolves is spot on and the units look awesome. I'm really looking forward to see what you have planned for the wildlings

    1. Thank you sprinks, I hope not to dissapoint with wildlings (imagine: I was simply choosing bearded barbarians in furs..)

  2. Very nice stuff! These conversions are just awesome! BTW do you plan to continue your big LotR project?

    1. Hello and thanks; yes for sure I have lots of pending work with Tolkien (lots of Orcs, Uurks for helms deep, Pellennor fields, more dwarves and elves..)be sure I get back with them soon (I guess I am ready with ae of Thrones sooner than 1 month)

  3. Unbelievable...fantastic work and great idea

  4. Fantastic work on this bods. Makes me dream again of having my own GOT armies......can't wait to see more pictures!

  5. Hehe thank you, I had also dreams..many times the only way for dreams to come true is working hard and loong on them!

  6. Ho, Sceavus, I love your conversions!! I don't know how you find such great ideas, but the result is awesome!!!
    I am your (late) biggest fan :)

  7. Eh Phil thank you for such kind words;
    I think the origin of ideas are just inspiring movies, books or images all around..and challenging myself always to have them in the perfect scale!!!

  8. hallo
    klasse umsetzung der figuren
    super umgebaute figuren
    einfach wunderbare arbeiten hier zu sehen klasse

  9. Your Game of Thrones project is something most amazing I have found on the net in a long time. Such a vision, imagination. I am looking at the pics and I realized I do have most of the figures you are using. One question: which figure you used to "create" Rob Stark? Thanks in advance.

    1. Sorry I answer so late; thanks for the visit, Robb is a metal figure from Caesae-Miniknight..this manufacturer produce a small set named "Game of Thrones",Maybe you can still purchase it from them