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Game of Thrones- Attack of the White Walkers

In the moment when I should push forward to Tolkien, I went however stronger to Game of Thrones Unverse and a did a pretty effort last days. I will make several  and different posts, but first of all let me show you my own WHITE WALKERS / THE OTHERS BEYOND THE WALL

These fellows are some kind of mysterious sobrenatural beings, which belong at the begining of the History just to old tales for children and Legends of wars against the first Men, but actually they show themselves as a cruel reality and threat  with some magical Aura and  magical ice-weapons...
 and most important of all, their leader , the Night king, is able to bring dead back to life to form a really growing dreadly and effective undead army!!

First some inspirational pic I used for the first grapich research;

To find the first candidates was much easier than expecred..

The not very popular  1/72 Light Alliance Elves set are  usually dismissed because the figures are too tall, too thin, a little ugly. for  being elves. ...
They have however  long hair, ellaborate suits  partially armoured suits and strange refinated weapons... so:


I took some of the poses armed with swords, daggers and short spears.. Actually that is what ressemble smost of the TV recreation of these creatures...
Then  just removing pointy ears and  added some beard from green stuff  and made an effort in the painting ( easy for face and clothes, difficult to het the brught scary blue eyes..)...

Then: There is the first apparition on the series, where the Walkers seem half-naked, but always scary and riding a horse, ready to launh the first mass attack against the Night Watch expedition beyond the Wall ( more or less the same time when Jon Snow "deserts" the Watch to the wildlings..).. I loved this scene a lot

I  needed some different candidates for this version, And they were also available!
Some tall, thin mummy egyptian warriors form very valuable miniatures game ARCANE LEGIONS! See picture below (grey figures on the left)

So here is this scene representation:

And the other fellow on foot was also included:

Finally: the walkers have a powerful leader.. The Night King.. Then I needed all my skills to get the very specific look with that face, small ice horns, characterisitc suit... It took really a long while...

Parts selection and first assembly.. the little horns were a nightmare to achieve

Figures from Orion byzantines (funny pose guy who were for me useless till last week), Strelets norman archers (too many of these useful spare guys around!) ,

and for the head.. I needed some bald , pointy nose evil looking character.. It was long too but i realized I had some goblin pieces from "Battlelore 1st edition" Boardgame.. It worked after severe cutting work,,


For givng a nice goodbye, some pictures After made som play with light and colour  in the photo, we  can feel really into the further north bveoynd the Wall...

(By the way, playing with taking photos, light and colour can also be a part of this hobby.. I started realizing not long ago..)

Hope you like it!! More Game of Thrones Works coming soon!!

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  1. Sceavus these are brilliant. The choice of the elves is inspired and all the minis really look the part. The Night king is great!.

    1. Thank you Sprinks, I needed around 2h just for getting the right horns in the right place...

  2. A great idea! Why didn't I think of it? Wonderful conversions.

    1. It was funny!! I was having look at my messy miniature collection and then I saw those tall ugly elves, they were perfect for the job!!

  3. Wow, man! Your conversion is really nice! Do you use grenstuff from "Citadel"?

    1. Hello, thank you for your visit!
      yes, mostly same green stuff although I do not take official citadel product but other generic (and cheaper!) brands instead

    2. Love your conversions - especially Nazgul that have been made from a Russian Monk :) also want to try to use greenstuff for my conversions!

    3. Thanks a lot, I really enjoy making such conversions, greenstuff helps a lot for sure
      Keep online, I will post a big serie of new Game Of Thrones figures and conversiones during this week

    4. Ok, will wait your piece of beautifullnes!