viernes, 8 de diciembre de 2017

Nine Rings for the Kings of Men (Part iii)

Hi, I have my house made a mess of figures at the moment...
I rescued also old ideas.. I should go on with the 9 Ringwraiths..

At least I completed a selection of candidates for the 9... (actually 9 mounted + 9 on foot)

My idea is definetely to make armoured individual Nazgul (like Bakshi film or other representations, as Angus McBride ).. Anyway I will keep one or two just with cloaks as the P. Jackson version

I made a nice discovery some months ago: these Ral Partha "wights" are very nice..  I bought the set,  and I took  for team nazgul just the one with helmet and the other with hood+sword 8the one with scythe will go to my undead army) They are true 25mm figs, which means they match good with 1/72 (in the bigger side )

Tee selection comes from:

-TUMBLING DICE (metal) Crusaded Brethen Knights-Foot and mounted
 (nice looking with diverse semi closed helmets, capes and cloaks and mailed armour)

-Some heroes from rare metal Minikinght sets "Lord of Fantasy Series"  (also several interesting amroured guys with wome evil looking...) 

-PLastic Gamepieces form War of the Ring Boardgame 

-PLastic Game piece form BAtlllore 2 Ed-Expansion "Heralds of Dreadfall"

-One plastic Continental Man-At-Arm from Redbox
-Ral PArtha Wights as mentioned

So here my selection, all together (with three already painted figs till the moment)

After painting them, I will still need to choose the Wicht King among them... And my plan is to find a flying beat or wyvern as mount for him in the Pellenor fields..

Here my first idea (again Ral Partha, a 15mm model).. But in my taste it looks too tiny..

Maybe I go for  this another whuch is bigger  (Orc Wyvern from demonworld range. . I love Demonworld...) It costs however around 12 eur!!!

miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2017

House Lannister..Hear me Roar

HI, I went a little further with "Song of Ice and Fire" project..

Here are my characters from today: Do you know these brothers and Sister?

Queen Cersei and Tyrion  come from an strange metal set from Caesar "Game of Thrones" which I bought from manufacturer directly more than 1 year ago.. Figs have a little strange looking and on the larger side of the 1/72.. But they actually ressemble the Characters formn TV Show. And by paimnting result is good. I strongly doubt they were manufactured under License...

Sir Jaime is however a plastic figure from Caesar adventurer Set

 Next Character to be added: The Mountain that Rides Gregor Clegane (onviously borrowed from 28mm scale.. :) I love mixing ranges when it works)

And future  posts will have also the Starks...

domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017

Creating the Army of Isengard

Hi, because of social demand i present this about the Uruk Hai which were fighting in the last post :)

Here you have a Picture of all my uruk placed on the base I am planing to use some day for wargaming..
Saruman is also there

For allowing flexibility (I do not want to glue) and keeping the guys in place without falling, all they have a magnet layer under their individual base (and the common base has a steeled sheet). Dull trick but it works

As true Saruman, I bred some of my own Uruk :)

Some of the swordsmen are just copies cast by myself with re-usable plastic moulds (this "blue stuff thermoplastic is quiete useful) and Milliput as raw material.. here the "production" of first figures..
I was not so precise with amounts and pressing the mould, so the first figures were really poor.. but after painted they work still

Here the original (top left) and 4 produced figures, from best to worst: 

Finnally tyere are just the original purchased figures... I am combining 1/72 alliance half-orcs with boardgame figures, one GWorkshop in 28mm  as "great Uruk".. And the standard bearer, which is a tiny 18mm Eureka.. Too small (some kind of Uruk-Gobo?) but the important thing is the big banner there..