domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017

Creating the Army of Isengard

Hi, because of social demand i present this about the Uruk Hai which were fighting in the last post :)

Here you have a Picture of all my uruk placed on the base I am planing to use some day for wargaming..
Saruman is also there

For allowing flexibility (I do not want to glue) and keeping the guys in place without falling, all they have a magnet layer under their individual base (and the common base has a steeled sheet). Dull trick but it works

As true Saruman, I bred some of my own Uruk :)

Some of the swordsmen are just copies cast by myself with re-usable plastic moulds (this "blue stuff thermoplastic is quiete useful) and Milliput as raw material.. here the "production" of first figures..
I was not so precise with amounts and pressing the mould, so the first figures were really poor.. but after painted they work still

Here the original (top left) and 4 produced figures, from best to worst: 

Finnally tyere are just the original purchased figures... I am combining 1/72 alliance half-orcs with boardgame figures, one GWorkshop in 28mm  as "great Uruk".. And the standard bearer, which is a tiny 18mm Eureka.. Too small (some kind of Uruk-Gobo?) but the important thing is the big banner there..

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