lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2017

Dawn at Helms´Deep

Hello, I am spending intense nights at my desktop :)

I had a very hard time of testing painting white clothes.(it is rally difficult) .. i followed the very useful  tips from Phil C in his blog and several messages (for instance, but I like the result at the end :)

Here is Gandalf the White arriving to Helms deep when the Party is almost over.. :)

Some lighter pics:

the trick is starting with a pale grey layer, then highlighting with differente white tones..

My wife thought however at the begining that he was too uniform, so i changed the base layer of the cloak to a yellowish "crude" mixture (as in the film is actually) , whereas the horse and the beard and hair of magician was greyish fromn the very beginning.

So i gained a little contrast between all three "materials": tunic, cloak and fur/hair..

4 comentarios:

  1. Nice work on those bods! Your Uruks looking really cool. Can you show us a better picture of them?

  2. Hi and thanks for your visit, i will post more pics of the uruks (some self cast)

  3. Hi Sceavus, thanks for the link. Good thing that you followed your wife's advice. Concerning white clothes, my opinion is that white doesn't exist, it's not a natural thing. So I use grey or ochre, and I lighten that up, and I understand that it's just what you did, and the result is very good. Keep up the paint job !!

  4. Yeah, actually you posted somewhere else sugesting some old citadel pale grey tone no longer available,which you use for whites and for undead skin, i use some similar afterwards in (Vallejo sky grey).
    Thanks for visit and coments as always, I am coming back soon with much more stuff and projects, no more space in my home now!