viernes, 24 de noviembre de 2017

Viking Shield Maidens

This is a topic that motivates me a lot long time ago.

Some would judge me maybe as a sexual perverted, but you must admit that the image of  warrior armoured viking women (usually represented also as very  beautiful in Tv, cinema and literature)  is visually too much impresisve and attractive

The TV Show "Vikings" for sure has influenced much, but therer was already before of that, the characther of Eowyn from Tolkien was also there. And, if you search you can fin some records in the nordic sagas about these supposed fighting "shield maidens" (skjaldmo) .. The Myth of Valkyries is strongly related also to that... They all stay more or less in a Legendary world...

Here a little link on some medieval records on those women and apparition on Sagas and imnspiration images :


For sure, not much material available in 1/72 (still ).. 

I like for sure the newest sets of Amazons and moderns Amazons from redbox, but they are not exactly what i mean here (they show too much flesh :)) I was looking for women with armour and long robes.....

So this should be my first option (Orion viking "valkyrie) : i must paint her, if I find these guys in my parents home

Or also some ladies form the Orion pirate set:

But I went to another way in the meanwhile: As I have still several 15mm figures from demonworld left.. i realize that some wood elves look very nice and beuatiful .. (not sure if the figures were man or woman in the designer head? that happens often with elves..) 

So why not combining with long mail shirts and robes form Strelets Normans and Norman Archers????


Hope to make more of there fighter soon!

 Some Caesar adventurer is als useful here by the way)

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