domingo, 19 de noviembre de 2017

Wessex last stand

Good evening,
I am finishing several works, so that I can post still for a while :)

This time I switch to 100% historic (I should do it more often, I realize I only post my Fantasy works!)

I was painting the special figs from latests 1006 Strelets sets: Stamford Bridge and Anglo Saxon Army big-boxes

I took enough saxons now to represent an imaginary last defensive shieldwall formed around king Harold II Godwinson in battle of Hastings 1066, in the previous moments to the norman arrow which hits on his eye and brings the anglo-saxon England to its end...

The figures from these sets are quite nice and detailed, they look much better after painting.

 There are some heavy Housecarles and/or Thegns , with complete mail shirt, shield, helms and diverse weapons. They are supported by some not-so--well armed fyrd miltia men, including the lighter archers and javelineers with no armor at all.

The king Harold himself is represented however by a figure who comes from the viking sprues, probably he was supposed to rperesent king of Norway Harald Haardrada, but in my opinion he matches much better the last Saxon King, standing in second line  behind his bodyguards, next to the Red Draco standard of Wessex in hist last defense...

Many poses are quite dramatic, I hope you like this as I enjoyed painting and placing the figures together.
I will increase this with figs form "regular" Strelets-M infantry sets and other manufacturers (Revell, Emhar..)

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