lunes, 18 de febrero de 2019

Hyborean Duel

"The Far north. Near the borders of Vanaheim..
Two Vanir raiders ambush a cimmerian Shaman who by luck is protected by a brace young cimmerian warrior "

domingo, 3 de febrero de 2019

Second Game of Thrones Battle Report

Hello, I had the pleasure to play again with the rules for Tabletop game "Song of Ice and Fire by company  "Cool Mini or Not?" with my own 1/72 figures. I went to my friend Gabi´s place with all the stuff, so we could have a good time. It is REALLY A DINAMIC  BLOODY AND FUNNY GAME!

I came with the idea of playing a small battle 30 pt for each army, but Gabi (who never played a Wargame before, but is very lover of the Boardgames and quite competitive as well ) said 
" I want MORE miniatures on this table." 
So i Said, "What the hell..? Lets play 40 points... even if it is then a bigger challenge, as we are not used to the rules yet!!
He slected the Lannister and took the good time to see all different unit and character options,.. he went for a force with

UNIT OF MOUNTAINS MEN +GREGOR CLEGANE THE MOUNTAIN AS GENERAL (whose tactical cards are  based on smashing and damaging a lot...) 

As No Combat Unit he took Tyrion Lannister... he gave his army and advantage of having an additional Tactical Card on hand for all thee game!! Was quite good for him

I took the northmen:

-UNIT OF STARK SWORND SWORDS+ ROBB STARK AS GENERAL (tactical cards based on fast striking, hit and run and so on..)
rob is always accompanied by his dsirewolf GREYWIND

And NCU with Lady Catelyn Stark

We went fot a battle mode  named "Game of Thrones". (there are five other playing modes , with the names of the different Books of GRR MArtin) .. That  mode means: There is a strategic point in middle of the filed (we placed a Hill) and then 4 further ponts.. Every strategicl positin hold at the end of one roibnd give 1 Victory Point which gets scored. Every destriyed enemy unit make also 1 Victoy Pojnt. First to get 10 VP is the winner.. 

Each  of us selected 2 positions.. We were quite conservative placing our respectivo two  opctions them near our deploy lines .. It was truly  A MISTAKE BY MY SIDE,,, 

Some images of the initial dpeloy and first movements (quite slow as we both forgot the MArch ability in the first round!)

Lannister  Center and Right :

Stark line viewed from the left:

Both lines approcaching... The two cavlaries advanced faster near the hill, But lannister wing was unfefended, which would be exploited but the lighter Stark horsmeen..

The Lannister left went at a slow pace just to keep hold of the ir Strategic positions..They would not move much more and start to collect many VP..

Lannister Knights advanced smoothly to the hill, trying to get the  central Strategic point and charge any enemy in front of them...

But the starks refused (apparently) the fight...

 It is a trap!! Using the right Tactic cards and increasing actions, The Stark Horse charged  unexpectedly from the left to the flank f the knights! Many armored knights were to fall...

As the Stark general, I believed  for a while it would be an easy business ..

The Knights realigned and trying to fight the Stark back, but they kept on suffering more and more losses

Then a false retreat of the stark riders,  and a try for Robb swordmen  to charge in time.. But bad charge results!! A failed charge, panic  and loss on the men, and finnally the attack hitting poorly on the halberdiers who were perfectly prepared for repelling them!!!!  Everything went wrong for Robb .!  Many casualties for very few enemies fallen

The halberdiers hit in turn expertly lead by Ser Jaime, and almost the whole Stark unit disappears !!

The two cavalries kept on fighting; Things were not so bad fot the Starks in the cavalry fight...

The King in the North Stood alone against many enemies.... Had he  any chance to survive..??


YES!!!!! He got a very oportune and useful free retreat action+ troop wound recovery, thanks to new drawed Tactic card of "Tactical Reploy! Robb survived and was able to fall back wth some wounded, brave soldiers who were able to stand up and fight again for him!! 

But the Halberdiers took the Hill in the meanwhile..

On the other battle side, the Stark right /Lannister Left,  everything was quieter.. Lannister did not advance so the Stark went towards them .. But they were slow troops.. advance was slow and  the bowmen were not able to shoot..

Suddenly some Lannister Tactical options were discoverd and The Mountain charged by surpirse with unexpected fury!!! The poor stark bowmen took heavy casualties..

Even altough the heavy Tully knights were finally able to charge the Mountains flank, It was too late for the bowmen... they all were killed or run in panic in just one activation movement!!!  They got converted into 1 VP as a  blood gift for the Mountain...

At least their Tully comrades took some vengance, eliminating one row of the Men at arms of The Mountain

On the hill thing went even hotter!! Tyrion used his influence to help the losing Lannister knights to recover and even inflict some casualties (although  taking also new damage..) , but then the Berserkers launched a fierce attack on the halberdiers!!!

..At the same time the crossbowmen tried to take an advatange position in the stark rear..

The halberdiers at the command of Ser Jaime retreated, trying to have a better defensive position, but their exposed anther flank which was attacked by Greywind who wanted eagerly to take revenge of the Injuries of his master Robb!! More Lannister casualties..

The Stark outriders finished the remaining knights, and they then charged downhill to chase the crossbowmen as an easy prey.. It could be a good chance!!
But dice roll were poor and the veteran captain of the Lannister unit made the light infantrymen fight bravely .. The stark were almost elminiated for just one crossbowman!!

The Berserkers made a last charge on Jaime and the halberdiers, who were again in defensive formation and the berserkers suffered much.. But they have more attacks as they accumulate wounds as they enter in Berserker frenzy!!
10 attack dice, and the help of Greywind to erase definetely Ser Jaime and the so disturbing halberdiers!!!!

During all the time, the Lannister guard with Sandor the Hound did not move.. He was clever enough, to obbey his orders (and not to expose his life!)  Many Victory points were scored by that during the whole game.. That was really a Lannister nasty but useful snake strategy.. .. 


At the end... Robb moved desperately to hold one of the initial strategical points.. What he did!

The hill was also conquered and two eliminated enemies in the last Round!! That meant, 2+2+1+1+1 = 7 VPs

..But Lannister had been quite astute all the game long.. Just in rear guard had scored for Gabi 8p + 1p when the hill was hold by the halberdiers +1 p the archers = 10Points

Victory for the Lannisters..  But things could have been really different..
Robb Stark was  still alive with most of their army still ready!...It was an epic but not decisive battle, and War is not over!!!!!

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2019

Game of Thrones- troops for House Tully and House Bolton

Hello, I am so trapped by this project of mine...

I went on with more fighting units..This time some Villains of the House Bolton..
I preferred the "book" version of the banner, red flayed man in "pink" field, instead the blue version of TV show,but maybe I take also one "blue"banner also afterwards..

Figures are diverse medieval peasants and levy.. They match the suggested idea of this "Bolton cutthroats" unit by the game manufacturer, and more acceptable for me in Game of Thrones  than the "Chaos barbarian" look of the game pieces...
Now I plan also the charachter figures for Lord Rose Bolton and the sadic bastard Ramsay... hope to play "battle o for the bastards"sometime!

For the House Tully I made a unit of foot knights , I took knights and me at arms from Miniart and Strelets.. I am more or less satisfied with the heraldic on clothes,shields and so on..
Now also planning figure for Brynden Tully "the Black Fish"


viernes, 25 de enero de 2019

Goblins and Wound markers

Hi, I was not so active last days...

Just  small things,: I started also, as other colleagues with the newest alliance nasty goblins..
As I am more classic and too Warhammer/Warcraft oriented, I kept a typical Greenskin scheme! Only one figure as example till now

I also went on with an old mithril big orc/hobgoblin chieftain which was lying around for 30 years.. He had lost one arm so I had to replace it,,,

In the pic you see also  a rare metal fig from an strange game named "Quest for the Dragonlords" which includes several beautiful figures (maybe some small, around scale 18-20mm) This is an orc archer which can be intriduced in my horde with no much problems :)

I also took the head of one standard bearer  from Alliance set, which is in my opinion too oversized... but i put it on a goblin wolf rider which I had form boardgame DEFENDERS OF THE REALM -around 25mm scale- , and the result is not bad for a great hoblin or hobgoblin elite warrior-what do you think??

Some comparison to 1/72  Kislev winged lancer...errr.. i meant polish winged hussar  :) 

(yes I know, I have to paint reins and details of the horse still...)

The Same lancer against the great chieftain

And a little show of my growing wolf rider  "orcoid" forces (the debate of orc-goblin-hobgoblin is too much for me already!!)

From lefty to right:
My converted alliance-def.of Realm figure
Games Workshop Moria orc on Zombicide wolf
Mounted  metal orc- also from rare game QUEST FOR THE DRAGONLORDS
 Hyena rider goblin from BATTLELLROE (1st Ed.)
Foot alliance goblin

Miniart germanic warrio (unfinished) for human size 1/72 comparison

In addition to that, I was wodnering how to represent wound counters in several game ideas I have in mind .
I do not like round, or square, or any regular form. I do not like to see numbers (even If I have to count I do not want to find it so "mechanical". I hate "hearts" or blood single drops. Skulls were a nice Idea but still not convencing me.. I wanted to find some kind of "blood splat"..

Searched a lot in the web even found some possible metacrylate nice pieces (5 eur for 10 markers though..) but suddenly in the little "1 eur" cheap shop under my home I found the following jelly "thing".

Result is awesome and a lot of Material. 1,80 eurand no shipment costs :)
... Damn Bloody result...