lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

The Elf Expedition

The Expedition of Prince Athanariel

Several alarms were received from the borders of the elf Domains.

High  Elf King Deanor of the Red Woods started to get worried on his thoughts...

 "This does not seem as a normal orc  border raid.. Scouts report too many raiding groups , and they are not taking anything , just destroying and going forward into the land.. We need to know closer this new enemy...

His second son, prince Athanariel was summoned to his presence

"Athanariel, I need you to go fast to the East and check what is threatening our Lands

"Should I take the Great Army with me?
"No, I will start these preparatives. I need you just to take a few good -trusted men and see .Do not engage in Battle if you find an enemy army" 

"Yes, Father... I guess that my cousin Alarell will join us for improving our power from and surveying from the air,  even without asking her... But I am afraid she will not listen that -Not engage- instruction... "

So the quick spedition force was raised, in just one day-time .. But only a few units which were ready- to-go

Elf light foot scouts

Elf heavy infantry

Elf foot force commander -Captain Irithiel

Prince Athanariel rode with horse command (in the back of the group) , including his Wife Lady Ni´aleera, who happened to be  a Wizard  and mounted on an  Unicorn.

They both, together with the standard bearer and a Master horse Scout was inexplicably the only cavalry raised for the exploration  mission

"Go on , we must be faster!"

Elf archers (Also maybe too little of them..? the force was raised maybe too speedely..) At least they were proven marksmen...

..Finally Princess Alarell, cousin of Athanariel,  equipped as Wood rangers and flying on giant Eagle .

Two Eagles, Angeir and Gwalnair the Great have joined the expedition  (elves and eagles are allied since long ago..)

The younger eagle, Amgeir

Preparing to fall  form the skyes on th enemy!

Alarell aproaching also from the air on eagle Gwalnair

Alarell had an Epic view from the skies!

" Cousin, your foot troops are too slow.. I should go forward just with the eagles!!!,,"


jueves, 18 de enero de 2018

Elves (iii) More conversions

I really love the range from demonworld 15mm..

 Many figures are usefukl as they are suitable for dwarves (specially some bearded barbarians , wisemen and generals) or halfings/hobbits, but  I find also many other figs useful to increase "nornal" size armies with some conversion..
here my latest additions to my elvish army

Also some figures from Boardgame "Quest for the dragonlords" very rare to fine (figs are 18-20mm a little small and needed to "grow up") and also eureka 18mm range whichi is very fine and pass almost as 1/72 wirh a reasonable mixing up with other regular  figs.

My eagle rider comes from Demonsworld (on an Eagle from Games Workshp..)

Last pic is just an spot of my progress .I will post more pics of my first Elf Company later

martes, 2 de enero de 2018

Jotunnheim Saga

I just present this little funny visual narrative test , as also many of you usually do :)

Hope you enjoy this little Saga

" Half-Brothers Olaf and Sven , sons of Bjarki  had arranged finally an expedition after so long time of preparatives and discussions .. To where? Not  a clear idea.. 

Some stories of richess in far north had been they sailed there.... Just  one Longship with 13 further vikings mad enough to go with both them, ath the edge of the winter.... Only to find cold wind, ice  and brizzard "

-By Loki, Olaf ,  son of a Goat...What are we doing in this ice desert?? Not even a rat to eat!

-Calm down you my Troll brother...Lets explore... a bit.. Lets go West!

-West? For sure Nothing there! At least more sunny at East! I go there? Who comes with me? 

"Sven left  Eastwards with half of the viking warriors...

After several hours of walking, some tall shadows appeared on their direction ...Who were they?  Human-ressembling warriors..but  skin so blue like Ice.. And two-times a man´s height!!!!

And those hard merciless faces..."

-Jotunn!?  (Giants!) Can it be?

"There was no time for questions! They were not coming for asking, So Sven cried:

-By Thor, lets smash their skulls!!

The battle was not going easy at all.. soon some warrior fell..

-By Odin, what the Hell are we doing here?? I wish at least my brother and the other men have more luck.. We get to Valhalla today, men...


At the same time, Olaf went Westward with the rest of vikings. No idea what was happening with the other group! .. 

-I hope my brother does not do any silly thing

Suddennly some roarings and noises were heard... What were those white monsters, coming close? Long furs and Teeht, breathing like beasts..

A band Ice trolls!! They were hungry and attacked fiercely!

But the Norse warriors were even fiercer, by Thor!!
The trolls fled as fast as they had come, with the men still pursuing them!

-Ho Ho!!  We won by Odin!!! We must tell  the others! Sad they missed this fight!


viernes, 8 de diciembre de 2017

Nine Rings for the Kings of Men (Part iii)

Hi, I have my house made a mess of figures at the moment...
I rescued also old ideas.. I should go on with the 9 Ringwraiths..

At least I completed a selection of candidates for the 9... (actually 9 mounted + 9 on foot)

My idea is definetely to make armoured individual Nazgul (like Bakshi film or other representations, as Angus McBride ).. Anyway I will keep one or two just with cloaks as the P. Jackson version

I made a nice discovery some months ago: these Ral Partha "wights" are very nice..  I bought the set,  and I took  for team nazgul just the one with helmet and the other with hood+sword 8the one with scythe will go to my undead army) They are true 25mm figs, which means they match good with 1/72 (in the bigger side )

Tee selection comes from:

-TUMBLING DICE (metal) Crusaded Brethen Knights-Foot and mounted
 (nice looking with diverse semi closed helmets, capes and cloaks and mailed armour)

-Some heroes from rare metal Minikinght sets "Lord of Fantasy Series"  (also several interesting amroured guys with wome evil looking...) 

-PLastic Gamepieces form War of the Ring Boardgame 

-PLastic Game piece form BAtlllore 2 Ed-Expansion "Heralds of Dreadfall"

-One plastic Continental Man-At-Arm from Redbox
-Ral PArtha Wights as mentioned

So here my selection, all together (with three already painted figs till the moment)

After painting them, I will still need to choose the Wicht King among them... And my plan is to find a flying beat or wyvern as mount for him in the Pellenor fields..

Here my first idea (again Ral Partha, a 15mm model).. But in my taste it looks too tiny..

Maybe I go for  this another whuch is bigger  (Orc Wyvern from demonworld range. . I love Demonworld...) It costs however around 12 eur!!!