viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2017

Diverse characters

I am somehow inspired this week,

Here some different characters I was also working on during last weeks

I think you can recognize a popular Warrior Princess here and a famous... Bastard?

And my first batch of Fangorn "angry" shepeherds, with Treebeard!!!!!

Many of these figures were already painted when I acquired them (2nd hand is quite good),  they are from very different producers  and origins  I just finished osme shadowings, highlighting  and so on...

Actually most of them 28mm but Trees have no Scale I think...

Thanks for watching


Good morning,

I made some first tests about elves...

Not quite sure about what I am looking for.. more like impressive high elves  (gold, blue, white..) or morde wood elves look (greenish, brown..)¿??¿

Here what I have for the moment.. Comments welcome as always

Figs from:
Caesar (old set and new set)
metal Miniknight
Metal Eureka mimns (18mm modified by making them TALLER)
Light Alliance (modified by making them SHORTER)
War of the Ring Boardgame
Battlelore boardgame (2 Ed),

And some quite rare (and expensive)metal fig from another exinguised game "Quest from the Dragonlords"


martes, 14 de noviembre de 2017

Middle Earth (i), and more...

I was quite busy many nights, I am working in several topics at the same time, not really a progress but I feel quite happy indeed with my results anyway

I think many of you do know the boardgame "War of the Ring" It brings a lot of nice figs for the Tolkien universe, the scale  matches quite good the 1/72 (not so good with horsemen but OK)  and there you have troops and officers for all different factions (Rohan, Gondor, elves, dwarves, Nordor and Orthanc-Saruman....)  But best of all, there are a selecition of the main characters!!: fellowship of the Ring, Bad Guys...

There you can find some Uruk Hais htat Phil OTep asked about, (i took a pic fromn the same website)

I was working on the characters mainly, here the first look of figures (not yet finished), GAndalf the Grey, Frodo and Sam,

There "Strider", Gimli and legolas.

This Strider-Aragorn is not from the game  , as the included figure there ressembles more Aragorn as king of Gondor. This is the figure form Cesar adventurer set .. So you have a size comparison!

I am quite happy with them

The last pics show my converted Boromir and the other two Hobbits.. Also the original Boromir state, so yo can see how better he looks now with some relevant equipment changes :)

I started also some enemies for them..

Here a selection of diverse Uruk Hai including one form the commented game.. 
Standard bearer comes from Eureka 18mm. he is tiny, but he is not important, the HUGE WHITE HAND FLAG is :)  .

Many  uruk here are self-production with milliput, moulding form an Alliance master
Othe day i will sohow the making-off.. Do you find the original in the picture?

PS. As last gift, going back to Westeros, a preview of how Drogon grew up during las month,  he is able to carry Daenerys on him. Still to finish

sábado, 23 de septiembre de 2017


Hello again comrades, a long time without posting..

After watching VII Season of Game of Thrones I made a little effort to go on with my forgotten Project about "song of ice and Fire" universe

First of all, you can see some of my inspiration pictures for the Khaleesi , the Unburnt etc...  

I focused first in one of the most epic scens of the show, when releasing slave soldiers in Astapor along with her still three young dragons

Which figures to use? it was easy for me chooSing some dragon hatchlings form Reaper Bones.

They are supposed to be babies in 28mm scale, but they match quite good for 1/72 young dragons

Here is what I get from there:  you have young Drogon (black-red) , Rhaegal (green) and Viserion (yellow-gold)

 For the Queen herself was not easy at all. I finnally decided for a Demonworld 15mm elf mounted sorcerer (these 15mm demonworld are really a good source for special figures!
Daenerys is supposed to be a teenager; the little size of the figure in 1/72 scale gets a decent size match in my opinion! )

I am quite happy wirh te result, even after getting some difficulties  for finding a good hair pale blond colour tone

I mounted her on a Zvezda horse, i must still finish the figure

I will show  when possible, the complete scene with Queen, dragons and maybe additional figures

martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Evil Guys (ii) little chaos

Hello again, here some more adquisitions and ideas

Firts: another 15mm Demonworld figure, this tiem and evil "rogue knight", he comes form "Icelords of Isthak" faction.
He is quite big for a 15mm fig, so i mounted him on an 1/72 warhorse.. and the result is quirte good. Compare him to the undead alliance horseman

My chaos horde will grow with this and some alliance cimmerians

A chaos army need powerful sorcerers and dmeons... here a converted Caesar figure 8a lich converted into a human evil wizard) and the dmeon, who is a gamepiece from "Defenders of the realm" he es a dragonman but for me he suits better as Warrior Red Demon

Here again the same twi figures together with a troll from "Age of Mythology" and two former revell normans dead long ago who were renimated as undead warriors.. The easy effect of damaging a little the faces (making bigger holes by the eyes and cutting nose, it is simple)  and a decent  paintjob allows to make very easy conversiosn in order to make a bigger and mor variated undead army 

jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

15 mm in 1/72

Helllo everybody, not time at all during last months for the hobby..

I wanted to show you some discovery i made. Some figures which are not new at all, are very valuable in our favourite scale

Many 15mm production work fine for small humanoids--specially halflings/hobbits or dwarves.

Plastic General blog (;   shows some Demonwrodl humans as halflings, but I was able to recruit more fierce-looking bearded dwarf berserkers!, I spent some money in internet last weeks and here are my new warriors:

Here I show you some barbarians from Demonworld (actuallt produced by Ral PArtha) and copplesotone castings (Barbarica) Copplesotne 15mm barbarica has also dwarves  available, but they are in my taste too small (see also Plastic general blog) ..

However the human barbarians from same range (18 mm-20mm, quite high for 15mm humans ) are sooo nice for 1/72 wild dwarves!!

The Demonworld 15mm range brings also some wonderful barbarian humans.. Faboulous  furry bearded fighters. even a patched-eye old veteran!!

First comparison: a Light Alliance plastic dwarf together eith 2 demonwolrd (with the patched-eye) t, then 2 copplestone, one Cesar plastic and another demonworld

Second comparison

Begining top left  with Light alliance dwarf drummer, Then 4 copplestone.  
Then CAesar dwarf , one pastic form Battlelore firast edition, and two Demonworld.

In the second line, one Demonworld elf (looks as a cute female shield maiden, dont you think?) , 
Some converted.1/72, and demomworld barbarians pluis another elven-dwarven fighting girl and the caesar standard bearer

At last, some closeups of my last painted dwarves (converted or not).. streltsi with beard and shortened leg were pressed into service as dwarf 1/72 arquebuisers !(too few of them in the market)

The kilted guy comes from BAttellore boardgame, with a head swop from a small metal Denizen 25mm dwarf.. for me he looks quite nice! Last final  picture shows him with some 1/72 humans and another dwarf

I will come later with something more and some evil guys...

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

Midgard, Asgard, Jotunheim and Viking Stories in general

I just started another topic (I will never finish a single project...)

I have lots of  unpainted Vikings from all Mandufacturers (Strelets, Zvezda, Emhar.. and also some figs form Age of Mythology and WoWarcraft!)

Since i just received the new Strelets Big Sets (Stamford Bridge and Normans)Ii would like to go for all these Norse, as well as Normans and Saxons..

I just started with some single Strelets vikings from the new Big Set (figs are actually nice..) but I went further and I painted a Frost Giant (Age of Mythology boardgame) ,  and the mighty Gods Thor (too much Marvel version i guess..) and Odin...

Here the new "mortal" Norse Warriors (also an Age of Mythology "jarl figure, the figs of this game look much cooler when painted )

Here the mythical  with one warrior as comparison.
"Thor" comes from "World of Warcraft" boardgame

Finally Odin King of Gods, with his divine Spear going together with the brave vikings to the Battle before they join again in Valhalla..