miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018


Finally this is ready!

In distant planet Eternia, Skeletor and his minions were planning to strike Castle Greyskull By Surprise

 There were:

TRI-KLOPS, skilled and reputated  Sword Master and dneon hubnter,,

Equiped with a three-Vision Helmet for three different visual accuracies.

BEAST-MAN, Brute and almost-animal.. Not so smart but wiht incredible habilitiy to gather wild beasts under his control with his wip..

Just only one step behind her Master, was the Clever, Beautiful and dangerous witch EVIL-LYN

(Maybe she has also a plan to throw Skeletor away in turn and take all power for herself??)

"Ha ha ha haah ! soon I will have secrets of the Catsle and become TRUE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!!!"

"Not so fast, my dear Skeletor.. remember that He-Man and their friend could appear at any time."

Good Wizard Orko from Trolla was having a "walk"?' "ride?" flight? whatever... he was near Grayskull and he suddenly discovered the evil

"What is happening there??"

" I will look for help, fast!!!!!!

"Look Teela, Castle Grayskull is under Attack"

TEELA  was a  supreme warrior Maiden, supposed to be daughter of the Eternia Godess.. but in tru, it was MAN-AT-ARMS, veteran warrior chief of the  Royal Guard, who took care of her up since she was a baby...

"Father, we are in Danger you must come and giv warning to He-Man!

"Ok, my little child, I am ready and coming to fight , together with  HE-MAN"

Mighty he-MAn arrived like a Storm riding on giant Tiger Battle-Cat

"By The Power of Grayskull.. I HAVE THE POWEERRR!!!!








The Heroic Warriors all together!!!

Let the Fight between Good and Evil forever continue!!!

PS--I tell you, I really really had fun during htis month :):)

Thanks a lot  for all support and encouragements

sábado, 19 de mayo de 2018

Getting finished with Masters Of the Universe

After Asterix and Obelix, I am also near the End with Masters of The Universe...

, I made the last two characters I planned: villian Tri-Kops (because of popular acclamation in Benno´s forum)  and small good wizard Orko..

Here they are fin the cartoon version for you all to know

Some more "serious" inspirations:

Here the conversion so far: Guess where did the wizard take his body from?

Probably will be finished in a pair of days..

I can not reisist posting mor epics ¡of the rest now, as they are finished.. I think the Greyskull background helps a lot here,  I really like the results, speacially the giant green tiger..