viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

Evil guys

Here I present some bad guys  developed by myself...

Some of the Caesar "Lich" can easily be converted to evil human wizards or necromancers... I just took the head form some stelets medieval levy...

I hope you like the result. I think Marc achieved something similar Cultists in "cheap fantasy figures"

 I also made an armoured Vampire count... I did never really like the Caesar thin funny caricaturesque Bela Lugosi figure... So i swope his head on an impressive and tall Redbox irish warrior... much scarier!

Since I speak about vampires,. let me finish with the main one... 

Vlad Dracul the Impaler..

The unique figure from Lcky Toys "VLad Tzepes"is nice, but I wanted a more warfare pose for him.. and better if mounted..

So something new was perfomed, taking a Zvezda russian nobleman

Enough for today.. I come back soon with my Mumakil project...

Some more dwarf conversions

After many months of inactivity I will try to take again the posting here
I converted dozens of dwarfs.. Well i post only some new...

First some converted Alliance dwarves (dwarf chieftain with risen fist and hammer,and the kneeling one who sttod up by easy legs swap with fegbearer) and another norman with shortened legs and who was added too horns and beard form epoxy. Quite good result for an old venerable clan warrior..

Then first experiment with 1/72  dwarf artillery!!!

Leader is the old known dward from Arcane Legions.
Gun comes form an extinted boardgame (Quest for the Dragonlords) which Ibought from a collector because I relly liked the metal models. It was not cheap... I will post more pics of the figures at some time
Gunmen are another cnverted alliance dwarf (spear went to gun tool with green putty) and the other one is an old metal roleplaying 28mm gnome, quite acurate for an 1/72 dwarf!!!