viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

Evil guys

Here I present some bad guys  developed by myself...

Some of the Caesar "Lich" can easily be converted to evil human wizards or necromancers... I just took the head form some stelets medieval levy...

I hope you like the result. I think Marc achieved something similar Cultists in "cheap fantasy figures"

 I also made an armoured Vampire count... I did never really like the Caesar thin funny caricaturesque Bela Lugosi figure... So i swope his head on an impressive and tall Redbox irish warrior... much scarier!

Since I speak about vampires,. let me finish with the main one... 

Vlad Dracul the Impaler..

The unique figure from Lcky Toys "VLad Tzepes"is nice, but I wanted a more warfare pose for him.. and better if mounted..

So something new was perfomed, taking a Zvezda russian nobleman

Enough for today.. I come back soon with my Mumakil project...

3 comentarios:

  1. clever conversions..the Dracula one I will copy blog follower Gadget?

  2. Thx Paul! Do not foget to pay me the Copyright fee :)
    I work still so litte in the Blog, i will add that gadget asap!