sábado, 18 de noviembre de 2017

Elves (ii) Satisfactory conversion

I am happy to be so active during last days,

After my first tests with elves, I decided for some classic warhammer "high elf" look, combining middle blue, white and bronze armours.. (when I start with rangers it will be different)

After reading some old tips in some blog, abput increasing variety in our 1/72 Famtasy, I made two new elf noble swordmen from exisitng 1/72 historical figures.. CAn you gueess were the parts come from?

They definitevely do look nice, so probably I wil convert more. What do you think about them?

Then more pics with other elves form yesterday, this grouip of heavies is OK for me, colour scheme works fine

3 comentarios:

  1. Hi, excellent idea, and very nice paint job.
    Sure I recognize them: bodies from Strelets Normans (set M001), with heads taken from greek hoplites, Zvezda and Atlantic.
    I suggest that you try to swap heads with the Irish Gallowglass (Redbox) for your next minis.
    Oh, and your color scheme is excellent.

  2. Really nice minis, takes me back to reading white dwarf in the 90s. Love the idea of using the Greek heads they work very well on these figures.

  3. Thanks comrades, yes indeed White dwarf from the 90s is still an inspiration for Many of us old-fashioned