viernes, 8 de diciembre de 2017

Nine Rings for the Kings of Men (Part iii)

Hi, I have my house made a mess of figures at the moment...
I rescued also old ideas.. I should go on with the 9 Ringwraiths..

At least I completed a selection of candidates for the 9... (actually 9 mounted + 9 on foot)

My idea is definetely to make armoured individual Nazgul (like Bakshi film or other representations, as Angus McBride ).. Anyway I will keep one or two just with cloaks as the P. Jackson version

I made a nice discovery some months ago: these Ral Partha "wights" are very nice..  I bought the set,  and I took  for team nazgul just the one with helmet and the other with hood+sword 8the one with scythe will go to my undead army) They are true 25mm figs, which means they match good with 1/72 (in the bigger side )

Tee selection comes from:

-TUMBLING DICE (metal) Crusaded Brethen Knights-Foot and mounted
 (nice looking with diverse semi closed helmets, capes and cloaks and mailed armour)

-Some heroes from rare metal Minikinght sets "Lord of Fantasy Series"  (also several interesting amroured guys with wome evil looking...) 

-PLastic Gamepieces form War of the Ring Boardgame 

-PLastic Game piece form BAtlllore 2 Ed-Expansion "Heralds of Dreadfall"

-One plastic Continental Man-At-Arm from Redbox
-Ral PArtha Wights as mentioned

So here my selection, all together (with three already painted figs till the moment)

After painting them, I will still need to choose the Wicht King among them... And my plan is to find a flying beat or wyvern as mount for him in the Pellenor fields..

Here my first idea (again Ral Partha, a 15mm model).. But in my taste it looks too tiny..

Maybe I go for  this another whuch is bigger  (Orc Wyvern from demonworld range. . I love Demonworld...) It costs however around 12 eur!!!

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  1. I am a big BIG fan of this animation movie! And you have a lot of imagination here? i particularly like the way you mix figures that seemed impossible to mix. Thanks for posting !

  2. Glad to find you back Phil, happy 2018! Thanks for encouraging words
    I got a bigger wyvern for the Witch King, so I post new pics soon

  3. Yes, a bigger one makes sense, they have to be impressive.