martes, 2 de enero de 2018

Jotunnheim Saga

I just present this little funny visual narrative test , as also many of you usually do :)

Hope you enjoy this little Saga

" Half-Brothers Olaf and Sven , sons of Bjarki  had arranged finally an expedition after so long time of preparatives and discussions .. To where? Not  a clear idea.. 

Some stories of richess in far north had been they sailed there.... Just  one Longship with 13 further vikings mad enough to go with both them, ath the edge of the winter.... Only to find cold wind, ice  and brizzard "

-By Loki, Olaf ,  son of a Goat...What are we doing in this ice desert?? Not even a rat to eat!

-Calm down you my Troll brother...Lets explore... a bit.. Lets go West!

-West? For sure Nothing there! At least more sunny at East! I go there? Who comes with me? 

"Sven left  Eastwards with half of the viking warriors...

After several hours of walking, some tall shadows appeared on their direction ...Who were they?  Human-ressembling warriors..but  skin so blue like Ice.. And two-times a man´s height!!!!

And those hard merciless faces..."

-Jotunn!?  (Giants!) Can it be?

"There was no time for questions! They were not coming for asking, So Sven cried:

-By Thor, lets smash their skulls!!

The battle was not going easy at all.. soon some warrior fell..

-By Odin, what the Hell are we doing here?? I wish at least my brother and the other men have more luck.. We get to Valhalla today, men...


At the same time, Olaf went Westward with the rest of vikings. No idea what was happening with the other group! .. 

-I hope my brother does not do any silly thing

Suddennly some roarings and noises were heard... What were those white monsters, coming close? Long furs and Teeht, breathing like beasts..

A band Ice trolls!! They were hungry and attacked fiercely!

But the Norse warriors were even fiercer, by Thor!!
The trolls fled as fast as they had come, with the men still pursuing them!

-Ho Ho!!  We won by Odin!!! We must tell  the others! Sad they missed this fight!


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  1. Hi Sceavus, your story and your minis are very very good! I particularly like your giants - funny, I was thinking of using Zombicide Black Plague minis to represent them, where do yours come from ?

  2. Thank you Phil here as well!
    I really enjoyed with this little amusement.sorry for the landscape in behind haha,not really an arctic living room.
    About the giants-the one with hands in waist (unarmed) comes from age of Mythology board game (the figures there are a must!)
    The rest are incredibly nice fantasy Vikings in 32mm from board game "Blood Rage", I purchased them in second hand In eBay and were not cheap at all (around 3 eur each) but they look so cool as frost giants
    Thanks for watching

  3. Thank you for your answer, they are really great ! The minis from Zombicide are really expensive too.
    And what about the ice Trolls ? Another manufacturer, it seems.

    1. Ice trolls come mostlyfrom coppelstone castings,(Barbarica 15mm and Adventures 28mm ranges)
      I liked them when I saw them in the net somewhere while surfing,
      TYhis manufacturers has other interesting items from 15mm for 1/72...(I took barbarinas for wild dwarves!)

      The one whichs ressembles a gorilla on their front hands is a yeti from Arcane Legions re-painted

    2. Thank you for the link! I knew Copplestone Miniatures, I thought they only casted 28mm minis, their 15mm range is a marvelous discovery ! Christmas in January, thanks to you :)

  4. Glad to habe been a good information source again :)
    I love this scale, no other allows to meet so many different figures, topics and stories together! (And at the end always cheaper in the total account)