lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

The Elf Expedition

The Expedition of Prince Athanariel

Several alarms were received from the borders of the elf Domains.

High  Elf King Deanor of the Red Woods started to get worried on his thoughts...

 "This does not seem as a normal orc  border raid.. Scouts report too many raiding groups , and they are not taking anything , just destroying and going forward into the land.. We need to know closer this new enemy...

His second son, prince Athanariel was summoned to his presence

"Athanariel, I need you to go fast to the East and check what is threatening our Lands

"Should I take the Great Army with me?
"No, I will start these preparatives. I need you just to take a few good -trusted men and see .Do not engage in Battle if you find an enemy army" 

"Yes, Father... I guess that my cousin Alarell will join us for improving our power from and surveying from the air,  even without asking her... But I am afraid she will not listen that -Not engage- instruction... "

So the quick spedition force was raised, in just one day-time .. But only a few units which were ready- to-go

Elf light foot scouts

Elf heavy infantry

Elf foot force commander -Captain Irithiel

Prince Athanariel rode with horse command (in the back of the group) , including his Wife Lady Ni´aleera, who happened to be  a Wizard  and mounted on an  Unicorn.

They both, together with the standard bearer and a Master horse Scout was inexplicably the only cavalry raised for the exploration  mission

"Go on , we must be faster!"

Elf archers (Also maybe too little of them..? the force was raised maybe too speedely..) At least they were proven marksmen...

..Finally Princess Alarell, cousin of Athanariel,  equipped as Wood rangers and flying on giant Eagle .

Two Eagles, Angeir and Gwalnair the Great have joined the expedition  (elves and eagles are allied since long ago..)

The younger eagle, Amgeir

Preparing to fall  form the skyes on th enemy!

Alarell aproaching also from the air on eagle Gwalnair

Alarell had an Epic view from the skies!

" Cousin, your foot troops are too slow.. I should go forward just with the eagles!!!,,"


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  1. Great job, Sir! Tehy look amazing!

  2. Waow, Sceavus, you know how much I love your conversions, but I must also say that your fertile imagination is fantastic, your giant eagles are really cool !!

  3. Thanks Phil! Actually when imagining what could threaten the elvish kingdom,this was one of my ideas,
    Maybe we can make a cross-over narration here :)

    1. Yes great idea, my (very small but) ferocious orcish troop is going to raid your poor pointed-ears realm :D

    2. Well enemies are never to understimate..the question is..what is pushing ferocious but sat the end rather plain poor orc into the elvish forests..? ;)

    3. Let me think... maybe they want to kidnap elvish women because they are glowing in the dark and make amusing lights when properly lashed in the orcish camp ? And they dare to do so because they have big friends :D Ok, let's to paint more trolls, it is urgent !! :)

    4. If it is so, maybe they have problems to distingush male from female elves haha,poor orcs are limited. Even more trolls, but..yes, they are bigger at least!

  4. Thats a great looking force, really good writing, you really brought them to life!.

    1. Thanks sprinks! Actually I was also inspired in the way you prepare your superb battle reports!!

  5. Great looking minis, and gorgeous eagles!