lunes, 29 de enero de 2018

"Fun with Flags"

Well, I enjoy watching Bing Bang Theory again and again, but I really meant I had fun making my own paper flags and banners for my slowly developing armies..

I downloaded several jpg and pdf files here and there, and then making some tests of preparing some standing and horse figures for them

I really enjoyed making this. and it is cheap... You dont need really to find "1/72 scale" files, but almost any image is good for the job,, I even took photographies of real 1:1 cloth banners. Then adjusting size with MS Word, and teasiliy printing and gluing (gluing to the poles is however a little tricky..)

As you see, I focused (once again)  on Tolkiens Middle Earth fantasy, and Game of Thrones GRR Martin Universe, but also some generic orc, dwarf and elf fantasy banners are ready  :)

I show now you my first results (not so many things still sorry,.. My children were ill during weekend)....

 Queen Daenerys with a pair of Unsullied test figures carrying Targaryen banner (these  first Unsullied were recruited among the Haradrim in War of The Ring Boardgame.. not the best result but they do not look bad, what do you think?)

Here Stark Banner of Lord Eddard.

And as my imagimation was excited just one day ago by a conversation with gentlemen Philotep and Sprinks on Wronghammer forum , for a horse standard bearer I prepared a pair of Rohan riders

The figures are metal Tumlbing Dice- Military order Brethren Brothers (that is, Militry order Knights, as Templars for instamnce)

 I had bought them for Nazgul because of those nice cloaks with hood, (specially those with  closed or semi-closed helmets) but I had a surplus of them with more simple helmets which I found suitable for.. Rohirrim! Of course only after a painting work with good green and brown here and there

 Result is good, although at the end they still ressemble much an european medieval knight, more than I hoped.. Good, there are still many figures whcuich I should test next (goths, vikings, saxons: Mail,beards and round shields must be there)

Going back to the standards: This example I liked, thats why I made so many pics.

On of the last one you see also a new Uruk standard bearer (you know maybe where is he coming from?)  with also a paper-printed Isengard flag

And at last for today: I went also a small step forward with Game of Thrones. here you see my painted Gregor Clegane "Mountain that Rides" next to Queen Cersei Lannister,  and my "casting" of Sansa Stark next to his father and older brother Robb-not finished-

 (Actually I did not cast any metal figure, I mean just the selection.. I purchased her by "Thunderbolt Mountain" figures, 25mm medieval range, and she resulted happily to be very beautiful and 1/72 compatible.. (I purchased some other  foot and mounted damsels too, have a look here

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  1. Fantastic banners. I really like the Rohan one.

    1. Thanks Sir , welcome to my forum, more banners to come soon

  2. Nice work Sceavus, the banners look great and i think the unsullied figures are good, they were not what i would think of for them but i think they work very well!. Im excited by your game of thrones project, looking forward to whats coming next

    1. Thanks Sprinks, all the feedback in the net makes me encourage to go on,even if slow as I am!

  3. Hi Sceavus, excellent and funny as usual :)
    First I thought it was you on the first picture :D
    I agree with Sprinks, the Unsullied are really good, better than in the GoT series because I imagined them as big or even fat men.
    And I love the background of your pictures, it looks like a small part of your brain !

    1. Hahaha you make me laugh fellow!
      As written to Sprinks That encourages me to go on!
      Your last comment was also quite funny, you are probably right..My wife has similar opinioms about my brain I think

  4. Danke Michael, very easy to do at home :)