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slowly growing armies: Undead and Greenskins as starter

Hello, not su much to post this time but I wanted to keep this a little alive :))
I show you how big is at the moment my undead army:

Around 60 infantry (I made three melee units, archers at the moment i have so little..) , some vampire and necromancer leaders, some creatures and a single rider..

Plastic figures from:

Good old Caesar set (skeletons and so on)
Dark Alliance "Army of the dead.."
Game pieces form "Battlelore" and "Defenders of the realm" (too big, near 25mm scale, not so bad when mixed)
Some prevously living for several sets-- I found "Mars" teutonic stuff as very useful as undead (becaise of the horrible poses and sculpting...)

Monsters form boardgame "Battlelore" again and "Descent"-- Here yoy find a giant evil bat (some kinf of "Vargheist" or "Varghulf"¿?),  as well as some zombie dogs and wolves Barghests¿?

Metal figs from:

"Blood dawn"- 18mm range which I converted to 1/72 with great fun

Vlad Tepes the Impaler; converted actual Vlad from Lucky Toys, but better equipped with Zvezda armoured body and barded metal warhorse from "Tumbling Dice" miniatures
Important was trying to get oxided and damaged armours.. I mixed metal paint with brown and added little orange spots.. it worked more or less :)

General overview:


View of several foot units. I mixed skeleotns and zombies with no criteria.. (I always found a little idiot  the Warhammer concept of having them as separate.. My inspiration is in this case "game of thrones" army of the dead...any corpse is useful for an undead horde) many conversions with previously "living" plastic bodies together with skulls

4 Lonesome archers (more to come) with the runinng dead monsters on the background

Here the leaders; a sexy vampiress, the undead Lord Vlad the Impaler, and the giant bat or Varghulf in the background.. My single dead cavalry trooper also here (more to come...)

 .. And for more fun, I stafted also the greenskin hordes wich must fight againsdt my elf eagle rider and troops...

First some goblins..  I mixed one GW Snotlings with some nice 15mm orcs I bought formn Mirliton (Italy) the do look OK as goblins, next to the 1/72 Conan characer and his dwarf ally!

Caesar goblin also for comparison (size is compatible)

Those Goblins were not  match at all for the mighty cimmerian, so that  some orc brutes are also joining the battle as reinforcement!

Figs form Cesar sets I and II,  Blood Dawn (shadiw corp.) 15mm ogres (quite good for 1/72 orcs again),  the chieftain is a metal grenadier half-orc,  and  in the lot also even another metal  mithril venerable figure... 

A pair of smaller "snaga" are there, form Dark Alliance set I (snaga are a lower rank in orc society, the word means "slave", so I will considerate every smaller orc form Alliance and even GW Moria orcs as these.. not so small as goblins but no much dignity either)

At the moment I have around 70 undead, 40 elves, 40 dwarves and these small 15 troop orc contingent.. Humand I must reorganize

My plan before my live ends, is to get following armies, of around 300-400 troop each (big challenge!) probably my elder son (or grandson ?)will go on this...

-Orc and goblin
-Elf (wood+high elf together)
-Chaos (chaos warriors+barbarians+demons+beastmen all together)
-Undead--also suitable for white Wlakers if I find those walkers..
-Haradrim/hUman and oliphants
-Rohan (smaller: 100-200)
-Some kind of skaven -ratmen(i have funny figures here, metal from Splintered loght, in adition to Cesar plastic..)
-bretonia: knights

-Nordheim/Jotunheim: ice giants+scandinavian mythology creatures-small
-House Stark -or northern(smaller army-100-200)
-House  Lannister or southern (smaller army-100-200)
-House targaryen (smaller army-100-200, mercenary+unsullied+nomadic+Dragons)
-Wildlings north of the wall.. still to define

-Cimmerian small army
-Thulsa Doom raiding force-still to define- much to take from Chaos proposals

-Classical greek
-Persian (600 big)
-Republican roman
-Parthian/Sassanian (90% horse-around 100-200)-Inlcudes amazons
-Scythian. very much in common with the parthian

-Imperial roman
-Early Germanic

-Late roman
-Late germanic
-Arthurian (borrowing from other armies)


Then we jump to Hundred years war, Renaissnce, TYW, Siege if Vienna.. it never ends


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  1. Great progress with the Fantasy armies! Using the 15mm ogres is a good idea. Good luck with your plan.

  2. Great armies Sceavus, they are really impressive. The undead lord is great. Glad to see its not just me that has so much work to do on projects!!!. Good luck with them all!!.

    1. Thanks , glad that you liked them,
      Here a little better pics of Vlad,
      This is a huge task, but so I have much time of entertainment for sure, same as you :)

  3. Respuestas
    1. Thanks Paul, still small collection compared with yours

  4. Respuestas
    1. Thanks Hightower, it is funny to read the adjective "lovely" used for orcs and zombies :)

  5. Beautiful, diversified and impressive...great job!

    1. Thank you Phil, you are very kind, I hope to make it really impressive in the future!!

  6. I really like your projects, and what you already could create and paint... I also love the background of your pictures :D

    For the Thulsa Doom raiding forces, I would suggest the Battlelore undead minis, but I think that you already know them, don't you ?

    And a pair of question: is Vlad a Lucky Toy mini ? And the Varghulf ? It looks a bit small for GW, but I may be wrong ?

  7. Hi Phil thanks, we are exchanging comments on real time I guess

    About Vlad--yes, he is the one from Lucky Toys but with new body and a Horse :)

    Here he creation:

    Here a little better pics of Vlad,

    The varghulf is not GW, it comes from board game "Descent" (famous one about fantasy sword and sorcery) the minis there are same size as Battlelore II, monsters are great there!

    And Thuñsa Doom must wait still many days butt we will see :) I know those mounted undead lords