miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2017

House Lannister..Hear me Roar

HI, I went a little further with "Song of Ice and Fire" project..

Here are my characters from today: Do you know these brothers and Sister?

Queen Cersei and Tyrion  come from an strange metal set from Caesar "Game of Thrones" which I bought from manufacturer directly more than 1 year ago.. Figs have a little strange looking and on the larger side of the 1/72.. But they actually ressemble the Characters formn TV Show. And by paimnting result is good. I strongly doubt they were manufactured under License...

Sir Jaime is however a plastic figure from Caesar adventurer Set

 Next Character to be added: The Mountain that Rides Gregor Clegane (onviously borrowed from 28mm scale.. :) I love mixing ranges when it works)

And future  posts will have also the Starks...

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  1. Great stuff. Have you a link to this caeser set?

  2. As posted, info is difficult to find.. I did not know the content until it arrived home. Maybe I make some small review..I will try to get a link for you

  3. http://bennosfiguresforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=19046&p=205703


    Sold out.. and not cheap at all

  4. I really like what you are doing with these, looking forward to the starks.