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Hello again comrades, a long time without posting..

After watching VII Season of Game of Thrones I made a little effort to go on with my forgotten Project about "song of ice and Fire" universe

First of all, you can see some of my inspiration pictures for the Khaleesi , the Unburnt etc...  

I focused first in one of the most epic scens of the show, when releasing slave soldiers in Astapor along with her still three young dragons

Which figures to use? it was easy for me chooSing some dragon hatchlings form Reaper Bones.

They are supposed to be babies in 28mm scale, but they match quite good for 1/72 young dragons

Here is what I get from there:  you have young Drogon (black-red) , Rhaegal (green) and Viserion (yellow-gold)

 For the Queen herself was not easy at all. I finnally decided for a Demonworld 15mm elf mounted sorcerer (these 15mm demonworld are really a good source for special figures!
Daenerys is supposed to be a teenager; the little size of the figure in 1/72 scale gets a decent size match in my opinion! )

I am quite happy wirh te result, even after getting some difficulties  for finding a good hair pale blond colour tone

I mounted her on a Zvezda horse, i must still finish the figure

I will show  when possible, the complete scene with Queen, dragons and maybe additional figures

4 comentarios:

  1. very cool idea, i like the choices of miniatures. The 15mm fig works well.

  2. Those Reaper dragon minis are going to be my next project, funny enough. Yours look great!

  3. Hi Sceavus, sorry for the late comment but I am afraid did not see your post before, shame on me :)
    An excellent idea, and those minis seem really nice. Good paint job, particularly on Daenerys. I am curious, but there are a few strange things on your desk, the red thing for instance, I can't identify it, can you tell me ?

    1. Hi Phil! nice comment, thanks a lot (better late than never)

      My desk is full of rubbish.. forn iunstance that "red thing" is a uruk-Haui fig from War of the Ring bioardgame. You can check all the range of figree (incredible 1/72 plastic!) here:


      i will post later today some figures I painted from that game!