martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Evil Guys (ii) little chaos

Hello again, here some more adquisitions and ideas

Firts: another 15mm Demonworld figure, this tiem and evil "rogue knight", he comes form "Icelords of Isthak" faction.
He is quite big for a 15mm fig, so i mounted him on an 1/72 warhorse.. and the result is quirte good. Compare him to the undead alliance horseman

My chaos horde will grow with this and some alliance cimmerians

A chaos army need powerful sorcerers and dmeons... here a converted Caesar figure 8a lich converted into a human evil wizard) and the dmeon, who is a gamepiece from "Defenders of the realm" he es a dragonman but for me he suits better as Warrior Red Demon

Here again the same twi figures together with a troll from "Age of Mythology" and two former revell normans dead long ago who were renimated as undead warriors.. The easy effect of damaging a little the faces (making bigger holes by the eyes and cutting nose, it is simple)  and a decent  paintjob allows to make very easy conversiosn in order to make a bigger and mor variated undead army 

5 comentarios:

  1. Nice ideas all round and a great conversion on the Caeser wizard.

  2. Yes, very good ideas, the rogue knight is rally cool :)

  3. Thank you, i am glad that someone sees and enjoys my small experiments and additions to these huge-mini universe! ,

  4. Nicely done, great looking minis!