jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

15 mm in 1/72

Helllo everybody, not time at all during last months for the hobby..

I wanted to show you some discovery i made. Some figures which are not new at all, are very valuable in our favourite scale

Many 15mm production work fine for small humanoids--specially halflings/hobbits or dwarves.

Plastic General blog (http://plasticgeneral.blogspot.com.es/2017/01/the-adventurers.html; http://plasticgeneral.blogspot.com.es/2016/12/halflings.html)   shows some Demonwrodl humans as halflings, but I was able to recruit more fierce-looking bearded dwarf berserkers!, I spent some money in internet last weeks and here are my new warriors:

Here I show you some barbarians from Demonworld (actuallt produced by Ral PArtha) and copplesotone castings (Barbarica) Copplesotne 15mm barbarica has also dwarves  available, but they are in my taste too small (see also Plastic general blog) ..

However the human barbarians from same range (18 mm-20mm, quite high for 15mm humans ) are sooo nice for 1/72 wild dwarves!!

The Demonworld 15mm range brings also some wonderful barbarian humans.. Faboulous  furry bearded fighters. even a patched-eye old veteran!!

First comparison: a Light Alliance plastic dwarf together eith 2 demonwolrd (with the patched-eye) t, then 2 copplestone, one Cesar plastic and another demonworld

Second comparison

Begining top left  with Light alliance dwarf drummer, Then 4 copplestone.  
Then CAesar dwarf , one pastic form Battlelore firast edition, and two Demonworld.

In the second line, one Demonworld elf (looks as a cute female shield maiden, dont you think?) , 
Some converted.1/72, and demomworld barbarians pluis another elven-dwarven fighting girl and the caesar standard bearer

At last, some closeups of my last painted dwarves (converted or not).. streltsi with beard and shortened leg were pressed into service as dwarf 1/72 arquebuisers !(too few of them in the market)

The kilted guy comes from BAttellore boardgame, with a head swop from a small metal Denizen 25mm dwarf.. for me he looks quite nice! Last final  picture shows him with some 1/72 humans and another dwarf

I will come later with something more and some evil guys...

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  1. Nice Review. I like the idea of shortening the legs

  2. Hi Sceavus, Nice to read you :)
    It's amazing to see how well they fit together, excellent idea!

  3. Thank you colleagues, i try to fix all the gaps with whatever available including own creation (what is more challenging and time consumpting thant just searching comparing and purchasing, but however cheaper and quite good for the self-comfidence :))

    I want to make some viking warrioir women similar to those in the TV series, Iconversion ideas? Alliance amazons have potential but they have too little clothes hahaha