lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

Midgard, Asgard, Jotunheim and Viking Stories in general

I just started another topic (I will never finish a single project...)

I have lots of  unpainted Vikings from all Mandufacturers (Strelets, Zvezda, Emhar.. and also some figs form Age of Mythology and WoWarcraft!)

Since i just received the new Strelets Big Sets (Stamford Bridge and Normans)Ii would like to go for all these Norse, as well as Normans and Saxons..

I just started with some single Strelets vikings from the new Big Set (figs are actually nice..) but I went further and I painted a Frost Giant (Age of Mythology boardgame) ,  and the mighty Gods Thor (too much Marvel version i guess..) and Odin...

Here the new "mortal" Norse Warriors (also an Age of Mythology "jarl figure, the figs of this game look much cooler when painted )

Here the mythical  with one warrior as comparison.
"Thor" comes from "World of Warcraft" boardgame

Finally Odin King of Gods, with his divine Spear going together with the brave vikings to the Battle before they join again in Valhalla..

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  1. Great looking Vikings, well done!

  2. I particularly like the blue skin giant - Frost giant, I suppose ?

  3. those are very nice, love the new project, its a great idea.

  4. Thanks hobby colleagues!
    I hace so many figures and ideas in my head,but too les time for execute!
    Yes, the Frost Giant is the blue skinned (interpretación from Dungeons and Dragons and similar graphic sources). They are supossed to be archi-enemies of Asgard Gods or "Aesir",

  5. klasse
    um welchen satz handelt es sich

  6. Hallo! Dable vielmals. Das Viking-satz osti Strelets-Stamford briidge big box. Odin und Eisriese kommen con Spiel "Age of Mythology"