viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

Nine Rings for the Kings of Men (part i)

I show you here  how i spent Last night.

I got recently the Redbox russian War monks just as a curiosity and for give variety in certains armies or groups (some of them will join Alexander Nevsky, some others will got recruited by Ivan the terrible ansd the streltsi, another just as plain fantasy magicians).

One of the figures is rather interesting (in the red circle, pic from Plastic Soldier Review):

That man is full of posibilities

I imagined that those long robes and attacking pose looks very similar to these well known fellows

So I started to make something similar to have the first true 1/72 NAzgul or the Nine Ringwraiths you´ll ever see :)..

first impriming and black base coat.
 Face was not difficult to remove, then i needed a proper sword...

Here after some shading and dry brsh (and the sword of course), it looks quite similer..picture is not so good.. But i think it works.

I will show the finished version

I do not know if to add eyes like the Bakshi´s animations film 1978 version (a pictue here.. that scene was copied by Peter Jacksin in 2001 )... opinions welcome

And linking with that.. in the same animation film you see  in aniotgher scene retroscopic armoured Nazgul... They are pretty scary and i liike them much

With the intention of representing this armoured version as well, i was searching a lot for armoured-cloak-dark-evil looking knights in all the 1/72 databases

  I got some metal "brethren knights" from Tumbling Dice models 1/72 medieval range (yes they are alive still.. even if so less pictures in the web!) Figures get actually much what i was looking for

Here is what I achieved so far--- work to do still.. And again what about eyes¿?¿?

Next chapter. finishing thiese tests and also try to make mounted Nazgul!

And finally, as usual, my last batch of converted undead skeletons. I am experimenting the corrosion /oxid effect... not 100% happy so far with it, but the horde looks fine


5 comentarios:

  1. Great idea and very nicely done, that war monk works very well.

  2. Excellent idea, where did you find the sword ? I love the Lord of the Rings animation movie, I vote for the red eyes :)

  3. I guess i will try red eyes... Easy to remove if not OK :)
    Sword is an sparepart from the same Tumbling Dice metals.. I will search however a better one from my Valdemar long-waiting-to-be-painted section

    1. Ok, thanks for the answer. I bought these war monks too, I inted to paint them as fanatics for my fantasy empire army, or cultists for a lovecraftian game.

  4. Remember that Valdemar offers several sets of sepárate medieval han weapons,nice and accurate. No cheap though. There aré also plenty of spare swords fr example in Many strelets mini sets