lunes, 6 de febrero de 2017

Busy 2017

Hola, i spent a very busy hobby january of assembling , converting and PAINTING (only from 11p.m to 2 a.m when my wife and three chldren sleep!)

I will make separate posts  for diverse topics , but here  some pics as advance (horrible quality pics)
I will post next days better images of Dragons, Ents, orcs, undead,  dwarves elves and more..

First, an impressive Mammoth from Dee Zee Miniatures (great 28mm prehistoric mammals, wonderful for 1/72)
This beauty is planned for some Game of Thrones ideas :)

An old and popular Tolkien Character.. (Peter Jackson version, this incredible plastic chess figure i got for 4 eur and it  is perfect for 1/72, i just had to improve the panting a bit.. Games Workshop has this for more than 25 eur...)

Reaper Bones "young Fire Dragon"
Bones has a wide offer of plastic monters and creatures...this incidentally was painted by me as small "Ice Dragon" instead of Fire (i found this cold species matched better the figure)

My first 1/72 Orcs!! Pic is very bad, but you can find there Caesar grunts (sets i and ii), a pair of Alliance smaller orcs, a Games Workshop moria orc (he looks bigger here) and the chieftain (secnd from the left) which is an old venerable grenadier metal 25mm half-orc) he matches so good as bg 1/72 orc leader.. I made te horns (also a horneted cap for another in the middle)

The second from the right is a metal 15mm ogre from Blood Dawn (not only dwarves are interesting from this manufacturer)

In the front also some goblins who were in the past GW snotlings..i have place for everyone in my Universe :)

..and the orc Shaman on War Wyvern!!! 
This nice model is from an extint boardgame from around the year 2000,
"Quest for the Dragonlords" i was lucky to find the Game Expansion which includes several nice metal 20mm figures as this... I will show more from that game (there are orcs, dearves, elves and humans.. A little tiny but i started sme cnversions..)

This dragon-Wyvern and orc rider were not  converted at all..i am happy that painting work looks good.

I started also with Alliance Cimmerians, as you can check next to the wyvern ...i love those sets!!,

Finally.. My undead army is growing with reinforcements.. I converted more 1/72 diverse warriors, and you can find there in the pic gamepieces from Battlelore2- Heralds of Dreadfall and Defenders of the Realm (thanks Mac for your help while ordering in the USA)

And a good discvery: sepia ink make they look more "dead" hahaha

Enough for today I gues..

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  1. Wow, you did more last month than I managed all of last year! Nicely done!

  2. Thanks mac! It depends on the baby sleep mostly!!

  3. Great work!. That ent figure is really nice. Good idea mixing the orc ranges, gives lots of character.