lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

Nine Rings for the Kings of Men (Part ii)

I finished yesterday my 2 Test figures of Nazgul-Ringwraiths,

I am quite satisfied with the result; I believe  red eyes are a "must" :)

Dry brush with a mixture pale greeen-dark grey  was good for the clothes

You can see here the 2 figures: armoured Nazgul  and Peter Jackson long-robe Nazgul .
They definetely can make the job :)


I prefer however the armoured version. My opinion: they are supposed to be ancient powerful Kings and Warriors, not just ghost-spectres. And they should have a little-minimal individual character.

The version which appeared in "The Hobbit: Battle of Five armies worked also this way

I can go on now developing the whole 9 Ringwraith group..

I will prepare mounted figures, and for the Witch King I guess i will search for  some wyvern- winged fell beast :)

In the last picture I added Saruman the White who stills waits for a painted Horse (such powerful Wizard former Leader of the Wizard council should not ride a dirty smelly Hyaena-warg) He looks too much like Gandalf the White :(


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  1. You're right, the red eyes add some evil presence inside the mini :), and they are well painted. That's cool.

  2. These are great, cant wait to see the rest!