martes, 8 de mayo de 2018

Advances in Masters of The Universe

I was working in this odd fantasy project till late nicht yesterday (my wife even made me a warning!)

I am quite entertained with this crazy idea hehe

Here my advances for you,

 --Skeletor with witch Evil-Lyn (conversión from an  inusual figure form game "Battlelore II ed)

As usually she rarely shows her hair, in toys or pcitures or cartoons,  i am having some license here.. This alternative illustration is also inspiring however:

---Warrior maiden Teela (allied of He-man)  conversion from Alliance amazons

The two girls ready to discuss inf friendly terms...

Insprtation was at high flow, so I took an orc brute, added some fur and a whip.. easy way to make  villain BeastMAn

And then I went totally crazy and took almost 1h 30 to sculpt  the saddle-armor for Battlecat  (result is not aweso

me but it works in my taste!!! Lets see after painting,,,,

PS-- Also the "famous" gauls went further.. i made the "Tall guy" more recongisible, as well as the "small
one" (also a change in the casting from italeri to.. which manufacturer??? :)

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  1. Great work sceavus, these are fantastic.

  2. Thank you! i hoope to finish the and prepare some simple battle scenario (medieval fantasy developed, my masters of the universe will have no blasters or shuttles, but indeed magic, monsters and blades!) , probably dark age figures with cimmerians , amazons,orcs and undead , such as they are will make the numbers :)

    1. Sounds like fun, I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

  3. Ah ah, impressive footsteps :)
    Your New Gaul is based on a Revell mini !

  4. Thanks Phil!
    Yes, Revell one was better suited, Now I just must paint them all..

  5. Great advances! I will wait for results!

    1. Thabnks hightower,

      More pics to come soon.. I will also work to include new charachters Tri-Klops and wizard Orko

  6. Fantastic! Love them! Very pulpish! I am impressed by Your sculpting skill. I will follow Your blog.

  7. Thanks a lot Umpapa, it is a pleasure having your visit here :)
    Your "pulp" and fantasy blog is very famous, I am so glad that you liked my small addings to the hobby here