miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018

..Quo Vadis??

I finished (almost) one of my Crazy Projects:

Somewhere in Armorica (Gaul) 50 y. B.C..

 A poor roman legionary recruit just arrived to the area is to have a disgusting encounter with the natives..  or maybe these two "Anonymous" gauls just want to ask him for their lost little white  dog (?) ..
Hope you enjoy

PS-- The Power of Grayskull is almost ready for you (just short preview)

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  1. Awesome work. These are fantastic. The masters of the universe pieces are great too!

  2. Awesome work!!!!!! How did you make the conversions??

    1. Thanks hightower,
      Asterix comes from this set:
      Last row, first figure. I shortened his legs, and changed arms to shorter, nude ones here:


      Also took a sword with sacabbrd there ,made the shorter and glued to waist.

      About Obelix: the basis figure made me fall in love directly just at first sight: Eureka 28mm, metal. He was how Obelix would look like if existed.. Just added a good moustache and hair tailmto ensure his famous identity (I was thinking also making a Menhir near him... Maybe i work on it)


      Just ideafix the little dog is still missing..I will solve it Soon.. i am afraid of starting more characters of the comic and never ending...

  3. Your Gauls are wonderful, especially Asterix... and I can't wait to see your final masters of the universe!!!

    1. I am glad you like them, I need ti finish last 2 MoTU conversions and I will post all together!