viernes, 27 de abril de 2018

Diverse 2018 Spring Fantasy and History Projects

Hello, I am very dispersed at the time..

Working in several projects at the same time and going very slow and innefective in all of them!! But ideas keep appearing, i can not avoid that,,,

I think it can be fun showing a little of everything as a Mix:)


Following Philotep example, I took my old revell HYW Medieval , Normans and Saxons, as well as Italeri crusaders.. They looked not nice after 20 years and the cused colours were too bright..My skills (if not superb) have at least improved a little since then...

I wnated to improve the figures a bit, but I am very lazy, so just giving them a fast shade with black, flesh and brown was enoughr for my taste to make them mixable with my modern warriors.. I need them for my wargaming projects.. need hundreds of men and women!!!

Jaime Lannister is there in gead of the Lansiter troops...


related to previos I need still to accumulate more figures for make bigger battles...

At least I was able to increase the norman knights .. (also usable for Stark troops types in Game of Thrones...)

For testing figures and rules my elder son  is helping a lot 


I am very stopped and slow with my big Lord of The Rings- Helms Deep+Pellenor Fields

Here some inspiration figures and small advances in Rohan warriors and orcs..

And the Witch King of Angmar!!!!

4) Crazy Pojects (I)

I have many of them..   A little  sample.. I am proud  of the Chaos lord who grew upo from 15mm to 1/72..

Next proposals: Dragonslayers from movie "Dragonheart" and the Ice Witch Queen of Narnia on her polar-Bear chariot or sledge..(stillsearching ad recruiting least I have already bears.).



hahaha what do you think about that??

I just tried till the moment with the two main characters....The obvious original figures were some Alliance muscled cimmerians...I will mix these characters with my other fantasy fighters for sure hahaha

Battlecat was a Tiger form boardgame "Arcane Legions" whose poor former mongolish-orcoid rider had to be knife-removed...


At last, another idiot idea I want to finish nex week.. I hope yo are able to recognise these  famous gallic characters in my own 1/72 version :) :)

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  1. Hi Sceavus, so many great great ideas and realizations here!! I need some time to write Down all the questions I have to ask, so another comment is in preparation.
    Crazy Project nr6: of course I recognize them, excellent!

    1. Glad that you like them!! I am eager to answer all your questions!

  2. Wow you are full of great ideas! The masters of the universe using alliance Cimmerians is brilliant and the witch king is fantastic. I have also been wading through my accurate hyw minis they are fun sculpts. I like the choice of strelets Normans for stark troops!. Also great to see you letting your son get involved!. Really looking forward to seeing what you do next.

    1. Thanks sprinks!! i could not go further a bit at any project in a week!! But i thought a little on 2 or 3 new Masters of Universe conversions...

  3. Now I don't feel so bad when I look at all my half-started projects. I find that keeping everything organized so that I can get back to a project and finish up is probably my main problem. Anyway, nice Gauls in the last picture!

    1. Thank you a lot!! Organization is the main oroblem.. So little time and place for all...

  4. Wonderful and grest conversions on those figures. Your work makes me think of making some coversions on my own bods. hanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you hightower, i encourage you to try conversions, it is very gratifying!!

  5. klasse
    he man ist top selketor wunderbar
    habe selber mit den figuren gespielt

  6. Danke!! Wie alle der generation der 80s spielt irgendwie mit He-man
    By the Power of Grayskull!!!,