martes, 9 de octubre de 2018

Some orcs more, and elven reinforcements

After two productive nights I completed some orcs more (mixture from gameboards "War of The Ring" and "Descent" with simple but effective figures pretty close to 1/72)
A bigger orc or troll is added to the party, as well as a wolf rider which is a nice figure...

They look just a little looting party or orc bandits...

This raiding party is reached by an small but strong and armoured elven Force! Caesar fig  really just for size comparison..

Here you can see my additions to the little elf team I am also making,,

Some heavy knights with two heavy horse-archers (mixture form severla gamepieces, includign again "Wra of The ring" and Arcane Legions",  and a 15mm conversion for the bareheaded prince Athanariel who was painted last year.. ) , and some foot knights recruited among Caesar adventurers and Strelets old set of vikings Vs franks...
For me honestly it is the shield designs what saves the group...

I realize I must improve much in painting horses.. some tip here around??

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  1. Really nice work sceavus. The elves are great as a group, each figure has its own character and the colours you have used tie them together. The orcs are cool too. I really like the wolf rider

    1. Sprinks you aré really fast always! Thanks so much, ir is taking me te to "tame" the wolfskin and furs in general, but I am liking my results..horses aré more difficult for me anyway..

  2. Painting nags. The easiest way I find and once you get the Routine it goes very fast
    Brown nags
    1.Black base
    2.Paint on Chocolate Brown with a bit of black added
    3.Heavy dry brush with chocolate Brown
    4.Dry brush with 50/50 chocolate Brown and sand Brown
    5.Highlight with a dry brush of 70/30 sand Brown, chocolate Brown---or go lighter with a higher % of sand Brown. Don´t Forget, most Brown nags have black or very dark brown lower legs.
    Black nags...just a light chocolate Brown dry brush.
    White nags. sand Brown with White 50/50%, then a couple of dry brushes with ever less % of sand Brown
    Grey nags...Heavy dry brush with dark Grey, then a couple of dry brushes with ever more White added to the dark can add a tiny bit of sand brown into the final dry brush.
    I personally don´t like painting the White or Greys..I save them for command bods or signallers/Standard bearers

    Nose either pinkish Brown or White or Grey depending on the "base colur" of the to look online at pics of real nags for Inspiration. Same goes for the smaller bits, socks, stars on forehead etc,

    1. Wow arcane knowlwdge from Bodstonia :) thanks, i Will read it carefully. Actually I prefer not to invest time more than one shading and one highlighting step, but I really need to learn..
      Thank you Paul

  3. I like your orcish reinforcements :) Your elves are even more impressive, did you paint them in only nights also ???
    Your excellent imagination makes me feel that we should gather to create a Fantasy Soldier Review, so that we can keep info on any official and proxy 1/72 fantasy minis :) Who's in ?

    1. Thank you Phil!
      The idea is really a good challenge! I am in, even If i have no idea of programing a website!
      Remember that 1/72 multiverse blog already reviewed and compared a big amount of fantasy items, both plastic and there maybe place for a intercollaboration here?
      By the way: what do you think of upcoming alliance goblins?(appeared exactly the days ejem I paint goblins!)
      I find them awesome sculpting and poses, but i fear they to be too tall compared with previous alliance orc sets ¿?

    2. Amazing idea Phil, i feel this could get a little out of control (in a good way!). So many ways to view fantasy, it sounds like the sort of website i could spend hours over just planning (and justifying) what i am going to buy next!. And Sceavus, those goblins are very cool imo, really nasty and evil looking. If they are too big why not use them as great goblins or maybe young orcs?.

    3. Sceavus, I think the new goblins are probably the best ones we could have dreamt of. I don't worry about the size - it is not real life, it is just Fantasy :) (Freddy Mercury) A bit more seriously, when you read the Lord of the Rings, it seems that Orcs and Goblins are synonymous, so...
      Sprinks, regarding the idea of the Fantasy Review Site, I would like it to be as serious as PSR, and not serious at all in the same time :) Don't know how yet, but I am sure we can find something.

    4. Sounds very interesting Phil, the fantasy ranges are getting big enough now to need collecting in one place. Let me know if i can be of assistance (well, i may be o.k. on the 'not serious' parts! : ) )

    5. So Phil ir seems you found a basis team here:)

      Ps-and indeed goblins are fantasy, they can be in any size hahaha