jueves, 21 de junio de 2018

Arya and The Hound

Hi, As I was fearing, I could not resist to deviate a little from  big Project of Tolkien stuff..

Here I bring two new characters from JRR Martin "Song of Ice and Fire" (or TV Show "Game of Thrones" as it is more popular)

This time I took Sandor Clegane "The Hound", the tall- burnt face- rough warrior, (brother of Gregor Clegane The Mountain),  who has however some human hidden inner heart;  along with stark´s littlest girl, Arya, more attracted to swords and adventures than to princess tales and beautiful dresses..

This pair have a nice story of initial hate-untrust, converted  (after convivence and hard experiences together) into protection, respect  and even maybe some small kind of father-daugtere-affect relationship..

Here some inspiration images from Tv and the Net..

The figures I toke look in my taste quite close to the charachter, but it is you to judge..

-Hound: Original metal figure from rare Cesar set "Game of  Thrones" (just the same as other Stark and Lannsiter which i posted time ago).. I was not sure about his identity at the begining, but after making a god "defrmaiton  effect"on one side of is face and good painting work,  I think he can be recongnised...

-Arya: i took a plastic 1/72 body (where is he from :)) and a metal head from  a 15mm Demonworld again (i love that range for fantasy conversiosn...)

9 comentarios:

  1. Clever. The really look like the characters

  2. Good stuff, they look very close to the pictures. Is arya from the revell Norman set?

    1. Affirmative, the revell unarmoured swordsman! Thanks sprinks

  3. Nice job. If their hair was painted differently, they could pass for Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser as well.

  4. Oh, I didn't see this one (I was at the Hellfest festival the day you published \m/), great job! You're an expert at conversions.

  5. Thanks Phil, I guess I developed the skill incdentally as nobody manufactures the strange things I want in my mind!