lunes, 19 de agosto de 2019

Song of Ice and Fire parade till now (maybe 35% target complete)

let me show a little presentation of all complete units and main charachters for big "Game of Thrones" which I was able to finish  in this project 2018-219.

House Stark
Hpuse Lannister
House Bolton ("neutral" faction)

Total collection:

Lannister Group: (some text included but very little!)

House Clegane troops inlcuded in the Lannister Army.-. Only some soldiers as the main bulk of these irregular is hired usually in the  revell HYW english foot soldiers!!!

You can realize foot and mounted version of Ser Gregor The Mountain

House Stark:

House Bolton:

Next Armies/Houses to be completed or developed:

Night Watch (only ready Jon Snow, Sam , MAster Aemon and 12 guards.. ore or less  the actual garnison in Castel Black during Wildling attack of Mance Rayder!)

Free Folk /Wildligs (only  readyYgritte, 2 warriors, one Mammoth and 2 giants

House Targaryen (only Queen daenerys, 3 dragons and some Unsullied for now)

House Baratheon- Stannis (only ready The red Woman !)

I was very happy with the results till now , and I was even able to play several games.. I would like to complete 2 of the listed new Factions more for autumn

for tomorrow I  will upload a new Battle report Stark-Lannister!

3 comentarios:

  1. That is an amazing sight placed together like that. The forces look great and to see just how much you have achieved on the project so far must be very satisfying. I am looking forward to seeing what you do next as i am really enjoying this project.

  2. Very nice words Sprinks, thank you, yes ir was indeed quite satisfying having this look together, also when I took these forces to the battlefield!!
    That Just encouraged me for going on; i will try to focus in the Free Folk now, many ancient barbarians just got selected and picked among my collection to be included in the army , and a converger figure for Tormund Giantsbane is in progress. In the meanwhile we played another Stark vs Lannister Game which i will comment as ir was quite exciting!

  3. Wow. Awesome. Impressive! Excellent conversions.