domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Jötunn.Frost Giants

I just acquired some figures from Dungeons and Dragons miniature game pre-painted figs made by WIZKIDS company)

Three of them are HUGE,

I wanted to represent som giants from the Norse mythology, maybe to confront Thor or some 1/72 viking adventurers for their Saga,,,

They are, form left to rigy: Frost Giant (D&D Tyranny of Dragons series) , Frost Giant JArl (did not get the series) and Frost giant (from Pathfinder battles: Dungeons´Deep)

The last one, resulted to be a female giant! (I ralized after receiving the fig, only, when I relaizaed her breasts!!!) It was not dissapointing at all, though

Nice figures, but my wife asked me. after wtching their size, if they are supposed to sleep with me in bed instead her...

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