jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016

Greetings and some ideas for 1/72 dwarves

Hi all,
This is my first attempt to do a blog. Thanks to Mac from cheapfantasyminiatures I decided myself to start one about my main passion (after my wife and three children :) ), collecting, converting and painting 1/72 miniatures:   cheap, nice and very available worldwide from the 50ies!!

I collected from the 90,s every historical set, focusing in Ancients, Middle Ages , Renaissance and Medieval Fantasy

Last times I am trying to increase the existing available offer of Fantasy miniatures in this favourite scale (apart from the very known sets of Caesar and Alliance)

Here I present some easy conversions from Strelets Sets Normans and Anglo-Saxons before battle

Just shorten the legs and add a epoxy beard ;)

Tje not so beautiful Mars baltic crusaders also found a use here, so you can have dwarf knights with great helm as well

Here result with a Centurio as height comparison

Here an array of my different dwarves

Caesar and Alliance are also here. And pieces from some boardgames:
Arcane Legions
Age of Mithology
Battlelore 1st Ed
 War of the Ring

...they match quite  good with 1/72 !!

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