jueves, 17 de agosto de 2023

First playing "Escape from Stalingrad-Z"

As explained in previous post, a rulebook and scenarios book for playing bizarre idea "Scape from Stalingrado Z" (actually (I would have rather chosen scape from Z-talingrado as name for the game, but whatever :), AMD I developed a series of 1/72 figures to use instead tokens, knewing that It would give a lot more fun.
I finished all figures and even made some decent scenografy already .
The Game allows to play many solo scenarios in a campaign,so I tested the Game with three of them, with some terror atmosphere music around and totally alone as wife and children are out of the city for some days
What an experience!! i really enjoyed a lot.
Rules at the begimming can be some harsh for remembering many modifiers movement, actions and fight, as well as the altternance with the zombie actions and their mechsnicbs, but after some turns It ran good.. only a D12 is needed, but many different tokens to be watched.  

i started Game with Wehrmacht sappeur Tilo, who fougjt alone against undead for 2 scenarios. 

He was joint in third by Brave russian Sniper woman Dasha. Both scaped to fourth scenario, equipped with a Lugar , a knife and the Sniper rifle of the girl, but she brings two wounds..Will she became a zombie?? Will they find more survivors and or weapons? To be continued.

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