miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2020

Night Watch duty Patrol in the Far North

Hi, we played a little battle between a small force of Night Watchmen against a medium raiding Free Folk force..

You can see here both armies: The "crows" are commanded by Allson Torne commanding1 unit of enhanced veterans (top left), then 2 units of sworn brothers, with Jon Snow in the second one, and 1 unit of crossbowmen.
Jon's Wolf, Ghost, was sent to left sode ton support ser allister in a potential flanking countersattack

Non combat units were Maester Aemon and expert Blacksmith Donal Noye.
Melee units will keep resistance the best they could, and crossbowmen would be kept in second line as mobile reaction force. 

Wildling force were split on 2 groups: first 2 unit of freefolk raiders, then 1 unit of  elite thenn warriors with Thormund Giantbane  and 1 Giant. All bet on melee punch

The second group had also a giant and a wild unit of Cave dwellers.
Supposed to be a flanking force

Non combat units were Mance Rayder king-beyond-the wall directing his troops and Styyr, magnar of the Thenn

The wildlings advanced fast.... The crossbowmen  were  able to maneuver and keep a good bolt arrow on some enemy units inlcuding one giant (that in wildling flank zone).

We missed to do some pics of the first and heaviest encounters, in the centre which were actually critical...  The wounded giant (Watch right side) tried to attack in the brothers unt  in centre, where Jon Snow Was, but failed (after inlficting many casualties), Watch was lucky and one giant was killed! First trouble for the wildlings (we had some polemics about how wound were dealt and recieved by giants...)

The second giant in turn took some profit and was able to attack  again on the weakened Jon´s unit.. All killed, even Jon (lets say better he was just seriuosly woundedn and lyying on the filed for narrative reasons :))! problems started also for the Watch

In the meanwhile, Thenn warriors with Thormund crashed against the second brother unit... Fight was a draw, but then victorious giant then attacked them from the rear!!!.. Crow unit was  almost killed, but they performed good, and they survived...Specially thanks to a polemic card which allowed all damage from giant to be blocked., twice..
Many wounds were recovered thanks also to Aemon healing powers and the watchmen could attack the second giant and kill in turn!! Winds of victory started to change again.. (but only after again same polemics about giants attacks and how to be dfended....)

On the Wtach right flank, The cave dwellers advanced fast,  but crossbowmen mocved to get in the middle of their way and shoot again...The cave dwellers,after taking several casualties from crossbow bolts, tried to charge the crossbowmen..  But The crossbow brothers then made a succesfuly bolt counter-volley against them... and Even worse for the wildlings, the charge failed.. Many casuaties taken for nothing..

The Watch left flank was an easy business for The watch veterans under Ser Allister command and the Vengeful Wolf, Ghost.. The wolf alone could defeat a whole raider unit which were panicked of the white beast, and then attack together on the second raider unit.

Veterans and Ghost  destroyed easily the second raider units in the Wtach left flank,  They would have been howerver more useful omewhere else!

Most critical point for the second Watch brothers unit.. Almost destroyed after the Giants charge (even if the giant was killed) and then charged by Thormnd...
However the healing powers of MAestar Aemon and some lucky cards kept them alive... They could counter the wildling last effort.

End result on right flank of the crows.. Altough they finnaly got charged,The lucky crossbowmen stood and finished all cave dvellers, as the had superior numbers.. Victory for the Watch but with some polemics.. (we realized leater, we dealt too many wound from giants in natural situation, becausee we misread the rules,  but also the blocking crads whci were used against it wer enot legal..)

So we can say It was some kind of pplemic. cheating draw battle... War beyond the wall is usually dirty stuff , with no rules, and never decisive battles are fought.. However, indeed the hardest men perfomed good as desired form both players

martes, 11 de febrero de 2020

Beast Master

Hi, this time a little Dummy experiment: an
Ancient Germán warrior whom I took as a Skinchanger shaman, able to go into the minds of the Wild animals, as the Eagle, the Wolf or a Huge bear...


I had fun painting the bear: just a medium Brown priming and base coat, then Brown dark wash and highlights/ not very dry brushinf with red leather
Effect is fine, just added some details

Wolf even easier: White base coat, black wash and White drybrush
This chrachter Will be added to my Free Folk forces un the Game of Thrones

viernes, 17 de enero de 2020

Dwarf King and Berserkers

Hello, I was able yo stay away for a while from neverending Game of Thrones, so I did my personal tribute to Tolkien family as Christopher Tolkien,the  last heir of all that legate recently deceased..

i did a fierce dwarf King of the Mountain commanding a Battle from the top of a shield platform, carried by two elite chosen champions. At his sides Royal dwarf standards.

Just in front of him some dwarf Berserkers (yes, totally inspired in Warhammer dwarf slayers :), I like the concept actually), Who Can not wait yo charge any enemy ...

Figures from plastic Caesar and Alliance 1/72  (slight conversion) , the standardbearers belong to Boardgame "Ese of the Ring" and two Berserkers are 18mm metal figures from Blood Dawn range which match very good the 1/72 folks.

I almost forgot, the king Carriers are also metal, supposed to be 15mm humans from demonworld range, I added them beards and they work perfect

sábado, 11 de enero de 2020

"Ours is the Fury", Stannis Baratheon, True King of the Seven Kingdoms

Here the first two "almost complete" units for my next Game of Thrones faction and Army", King Stannis Baratheon claims the Iron Throne after the death if his brother King Robert I...

The tabletop game descriptión for his forces are mostly some kind of heavy armored foot knights for the moment, so I followed freely that guideline..

 I painted some figures including the Converted King and some Converted Stag champions, but some other are old revell knights just back from my old collection and little restored..they match good, I took mostly those I had with Green, black or dark yellow around

 I need maybe some unit more with some armored Horse and then lets use them un Battle!!

Many enemy kings to defeat, his oen brother Renly Baratheon, Robb Stark the King in the North, Balón Greyjoy King if the Iron Isles, b

mainly his "nephew" Jeofrey Baratheon-Lannister, first of his name, cruel and infamous, sitting at the moment un the Iron Throne and supported by Mother Queen Cersei and all power and wealth of House Lannister...
Next figures in progress too.. The Young King with his favourite toy and some Royal guards

viernes, 3 de enero de 2020

Starting 2020 with test shots for Army of Stannis Baratheon

Hello and Happy new year to all of you..

 these Christmas I could not do so mucho, but let me show you muy progresses converting some medieval figures for one new open sub-project in my neverending Game of Thrones dimension: the True King Stannis Baratheon (King in Dragonstone) with some of his Stag Guardsmen...
 He is One of the hardest  and strongest Charachters un the fight for the Iron Throne.

These Stag knights are not shown as such in TV series or books, but are a very good addition for this House from the tabletop Game I discovered last year.

Can you  recognize the original parts from my Stannis versión?

I took deer horn from several strange spare figures I had..result looks quite good in muy opinión. Hope to Paint them soon (some yellow and dark green colour scheme will be chosen, actually this army had not a very distnctive look, apart from the Stannis sigil itself: the black crowned Stag of House Baratheon, but in red instead yellow field, surrounded biy red flames of the Lord of the Light after "converted" by mysterious priest Melissandre.
Colours,  flags and the Horns in helmets will help for vision joy

The poor 1:72 red woman was lonely on my Desk for so long...

lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2019

Battle for the Khazad Plain

Hello, last days i could not paint so much, just another batch of common orcs, arriving late to orctoberfest, but however it was enough, as I was able to make another Play test of War of The Ring, fighting with my friend Gabi:

"Mists have dissapeared after a cold night... The orc warbands woke up and started to move groaning under the wips of their taskmasters... The Dark Commander, one f the Ringwraiths sent by Sauron, had  given orders: time to advance on the enemy 
-Thatz good,boyz, we will crazh those little beardy barrels ho ho ho"

The horde started to move to the entrance of the Khazad Valley  in order to approach the Dangerous pass which leads to Khazad Fortress´Main Gate,  but suddenly some explosions sounded, close to the first ranks, not causing harm, just blowing up a few expendable goblins ..

Then the orcs realized: The dwarves were already there, out of the Valley, not hiding in their fortress but formed in open field, with their King Durin at front,  to show those green scum what some fine mithril Axes and pure blackpowder from the deepest mines could do on their heads...

it was time to start for ....


Sounds quite epic eh? well, it was indeed, but let me tell you the truth :)

We had arranged a gaming evening for saturday, but were not very sure what to play.. All figures were around for Song of Ice and Fire, War of Ten ring but also Zombicide and some other Boardgames..but nothing really planned

It took us a long while to decide; Gabi wanted to play again War of Tne Ring as he had won lst time commanding the uruk Hai of Isnegard against my Rohirrim. I said " ok, but both armies are still in Progress for a bigger battle .. Lets try sometjhing new in the meanwhile! 
so we decided for something spectacular as  DWARVES AGAINST ORCS!!!, wanting to use and test the small dwarf force I  had begun 2 years ago, and also the already decent orc army created last year

We could imagine a pre- Ring of the War secondary scenario, when the growing dark armies of Sauron and his allies start to threath in the borders, as for example the scarce remaining  dwarf Holds... No terrain options, just a plain to fight a pitch battle...

This is the Dwarf  Army of fortress Khazad:, under my command/

From left to right: in picture/

-Dwarf warriors with shields  (2 companies)with captain, aka "Blue regiment"
-Dwarf hero (single warrior!) lets nominate him Brorr Ironskin
-Dwarf crossbows (1 company) with captain
-Dwarf cannon (one gun with three crew)
-Durin's Guard (the King himself as general, one elite company)
-Dwarf warriors with shields (2 companies with captain) aka "Red regiment"
This unit is also acompanied and suported by hero Gimli himself, as relative of Durin.

Total 52 stubborn and hard dwarves which would sell their lives expensive (many dice rolls for the enemy would need 6 or 6/4 result to slain a single dwarf)
The plan was easy. Surely expecting superior numbers, just wait with a equilibrated distribution of my hard infantry. Brorr inspiring and giving strike force in the righ flank, projectiles and artillery behind an old wall in the center, ery close to the Kings Guard, and finally more dwarves under Gimli's command defending the left flank. Classic "wait and shot until enemy comes to be punched hard" tactic , not orignal but  favourite one among the slow dwarf race in any existing Fantasy Wargame :)

 I must confess I did a little cheating in the army selection..
First , these rules dont know about gunpowder... I wanted a canon here, so i took the rules for a "dwarf ballista" and used it. No big problem 
A litle worse: dwarf cossbowmen are also unknown here... But i have many of them,  love them and  could not accept giving them poor shortbows. They received crossbows but my friend will never know that...

This is the orc army raised between Mordor and the Mountain orc and goblins tribes,,,Gabi accepted from Sauron to be their commander:

-A goblin swarm, 3 companies with a leader and musician
-A strong great-orc unit, 2 companies with banner and chieftain. also an orc shaman included
-A savage orc berserkers unit (single company). The general,one of the Nine ringwraiths included here
- 2 armoured War trolls
-A lesser-orc ("snaga") small unit, 2 companies
- Another  lesser-orc small init, with bows (Grishnak trackers)
-A unit of warg riders, 4 companies and a leader (further unit, the orc right side)

That meant: variable quality infantry with 80 infantry , inlcluding miserable Snaga orcs and goblins but also great Uruk orcs and Berserkers,and support of a orc Shaman.  Mobile and fierce support from the wargs, and shick power of  Two trolls which can be a real Threat and finnally  the Nazgul which can bring terror  and dark magic on the field...

The Horde was lead by one of the Nine...

Here the initial deployment as explained.. Nice, view, isnt it? Reminding happily to some old Warhammer Fantasy reports published in  White Dwarf in the 90´s...

Have a look the ugly improvised "unit cards" under each unit.. Better using this than an Army list as a table on a sheet, where you can never find out who is who!!

The orc Center: the savage orcs with the Lord Nazgul flanked by the two trolls. Some lesser orcs behind them as well as also in their right

The orc left flank... A bigger goblin unit as screen before the Big Orc unit..

The initiative were first (and many other turns) for the Dwarves which allowed the orcs to advance following their War drums . at least close enoght to be shot by  the cannon!!
 One shot was a miss, but in the second turn the gun shot again on the same Target... The savage orcs single company including the Nazgul general....

"Be ready fot this second shot, guys.. doublre charge of powder. this time. Aim at the black Halloween ghost leagin those naked painted orcs...he must be the leader .. At my signal... FIRE!!!!

BOOOOOM..................A lucky dice roll 5 and 6  which brought 6 hits of stregnth 10 havoc on the targeted unit...The savage orcs single company, inclding the Nazgul general were reduced to ashes and become the firsrt and very decisive  casualties in the orc army !!! (Not time even to get a good picture of them on the initial advance :(

It had a decisive effect on Gabi strategy for th erest of the battle.. From this point on, I realized the hard psychological impact of gunpowder!..First of all, the army general  had been vapourised and sent back as a shadow to Mordor...and also a strong combat unit had been destroyed in a single shot! .

I saw then scared orcs going away from the maximal range of the weapon...The enemy army formation Strangely divided in two pointy horns leaving an empty middle area of the table...

In this way the warg riders ran fast very closet to the dwarven "Red Regiment" and Gimli son of Gloin.. These riders were  totally alone and unsupported.. they stopped moving and kept the position there strangely.. Not daring to attack .. The dwarves also waited .. No time for rush still...

The other orc units the right followed the wargs, but as already said,  the formation was becoming too strange! The undiciplined orcs were moving fast to the side and slowly to the front, getting too crowded, in a very deep and narrow line at the right flank

In the next turn, as orc army was indeed divided, the dwarves decided this time to use initiative and move forward,  trying not to give the enemy a chance at that moment, and trying to hit first!!! Blue regiment, Brorr and  King´s Guard advanced trying to hold a line,. Also crossvbowmen left the wall trying to get better targets, and even th ecannon moved as they were not of use in that position (no problem for my plan, it was the dwarf melee warriors who had to hit now!)

In the dwarf right, as the dwarves finnally got closer to the enemy, the orcs decided also to advance... But initiative was dwarf that turn again! The goblins almost could not react when Brorr andt the blue regiment fell on them, however it was one troll who received the charge

And what a charge! Good luck again with dice in the "hard to kill" table.. The troll was slain at first strike! Gabi was not happy..

Then time for the Kings Guard..also a succesful charge and..another 6 rolled in the Hard to Kill! table ..the other troll also was killed...
Gabi started to be really  annoyed, Dwarven gods were helping my army too much

The Blue Regiment tried to move further to the gret orcs after slaining the troll, but they couldn..instead they were suddenly surrounded by the local superiority of foes and charged in the front by orcs and in the flank by the sneaky goblins!  A dwarf  Company was destroyed, first, then an orc company but finnaly the complete Blue regiment died fighting bravely, but decimating on of the last strong enemy units...

In the center, King during and the guards were encouraged after killing the other Troll and moved further to charge a poor "snaga" orc unit.. One orc company  and the orc cheftain were slain by just one single fallen dwarf

In the far quiet left flank, the hesitating warg riders finally decided to charge the Red regiment... It was really a brave action, but would it be useful ...?    Gabi took as many dice as he could for a single frontal charge of the beasts.. Maybe last chance of doing a hard damage to some of those stubborn and too fortunate dwarves

Well, some dwarves died,  so that under the half of its original strenght, one company was broken... It was however  time for Gimli son of Gloin and his surviving warriors  to counterstrike in a dwarven style.. First an heroic duel to finish the orc leader off..

Then using hability "Epic Rampage" to keep on inflicting hits on every succes, until just misses are rolled... No warg or orc left there to tell, all fell under Gimli and friends´ axes...We both were astonished at the extreme destruction capacities of this Charachter...

In the center, Victorious King Durin chased the last unit of inferior orcs, who were confused tryimg to do something... scape? attack another not-so strong dwarf unit? ...

They could not perform anything else, since the crossbowmen made a lethal volley at short range and finished them all...

In the left, the remaning weak, scared orc arrowboyz tried to shoot frm long range... The arrows did nothing against dwarven shields

What else remained? The last Great orcs company  and the Shaman, who performed also poorly all the game..  Single brave hero Brorr charged them and finish the orcc army with this attack, avenging the Blue regiment at the same time

It was too much for poor Gabi.. He ordered the last goblins (indeed the most succesful orc unit of the game!)  and orc archers to leave the field and going back to the darkness..

it was an overwhelming Dwarf victory for his King, defending the acces to their Mountains 

Victory! Long Live King Durin!!!

The victorious, glorious survivors


First lets talk about tactics... I would say I followed my plan (not a difficult one), but also adapted to the enemy reactions and  got advantage of  my troop abilities all time, specially after the psychological effect on Gabi of the tremendous shot of the cannon in the 2nd turn.. 

The impressive initial orc army advance (not a huge army but still good numbers on it) was instantly  stopped, and then two branches open to each side, trynig in an strange way (at least for an orc!) s to avoid my missile fire  and to  attack my flanks, as if my only useful weapon were artillery or crossbows..  I did not allow that: the orcs were missing a lot of time surrounding the centre of the Battlefield, so that I advanced with all line infantry units trying to keep the formatin and strike on the enemy at once  (i also moved the missile and canon in case they could perform more shots, but it was not actually my main goal.. dwarves were there to use Axes and Hammers and Gabi had not realized) 

I did not understand the orc plan anytime (even when Gabi tried to explain me later),  a divided force with also divided main units was easy to disarticulate later

Very good dice result and initiative on my side when requiered (I could charge and destry two powerfuk trolls also quickly) made only one result possible....

To be honest, I must say that we  experienced actually many playing difficulties again during this battle, The rulebook is still hard at many points (many micro-rules to have in mind all the time), and  since last time playing with the rohirrim I suffered many disadvantages for not taking in account everything (my rival did crudely take advantage on it ), this time I was less transigent.. i try to negate every advantage he could get anytime, so I used hard the book and the power I had against him, in a really dwarven style..  We were confused again severla time when playing the four game phases, we forgot some of our abilities (the poor orc shaman was quite disregarded by his player!) And also, not least, I had a lot of luck with dice...

We also understood, this game allow a lot of warriors to die fast... It was designed to play withbigger amries... We must take account on this .. One single artillery shot destroyed the company  the nazgul was attached to.. In a bigger unit, it had not had such effect.. We played mostly 2 companies big; The book allows up to 6 or nine in most of troop types.. That means a lot more of figures and time to ply!!
we like however the system, when rule details are on your mind it goes fast...

I realize now,  I really wanted to win this time, even at some points I was maybe too inflexible...We almost argued a pair of times..Not good at all for a hobby between friends !! 
Finally we agreed we need more battle to  follow all rules more "automatically" . I admitted my good luck and we considered our "small argument" as a consequence of the ancestral Hate between of dwarves and orcs, contagied from the small figures to us their human masters :) We laughed at last, wanting to play a revanche soon.

I liked the dwarves definetely.. The behaved as they are expected to do: be steady, slow, well armoured and resistant, hitting hard when coming close to fight, having also good missile power capacity...

No doubt, Gimli had won his smoke.. Next battle soon... Need to paint much more dwarves!! (well, also goblins and such green scum too, I have time indeed till orctoberfest 2020)