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Song of Ice and Fire: Test play battle for Game of Thrones

"Lord Eddard Stark could unexpectedly scape from his prison in the Red Keep.. In the meanwhile everybody in the North believed he was dead, so the Noble proclaimed his Son Robb as King in the North.. However they both rejoined soon, when Robb invaded the soutgh  leading the Stark forces....
It was some kind of problem as The Bannermen had sworn loyalty already to Robb, but nevertheless they had to move prompty together: One Royal Army lead by JAime Lannister and Ser Grgeor Clegane had already moved fast to the Rivers land... A battle was to be fought near a hill and a small 
wood.. The war could be decided much faster than expected"

Hello, Finnally I managed to play a battle of the gaming system I discovered some weeks ago...

I had already enough miniatures to make two armies of the basic set "Starks" and Lannister"

Me and my friend Luis found an oportunity last friday between 11pm and 2 am while respective families were sleeping :)

We experimented some difficulties because of late hour of the day and our first time playing (our english was also not so good so late and reading rulebook was harder than usual). Anyway we found the Game quite agile and funny.. 4 rounds of hard and fast fighting.. Around One hour!!

First challenge of all: dealing with transport to Luis´place: My magneted figs on a toolbox . it worked! The neodymium mangnets glued under the fig bases are quite strong, they stayed fixed on the movement trays (also adapted at home with a very narrow iron sheet)  see the pictures,

They arrived almost 100% with no damages (only Robb Stark got loose of his base, I repaired him later)

Deploy: we prepared an easy scenario ... flat field with a small wood on the "west" and a low hill on the "east".  Each of those both locations had a value of 1 Victory point

We took also the smallest armies option, (30 p)
We chose: For each army around 3-4 units, 2 attacched characters and 1 NCU (not combat unit)

Luis took  the Stark forces:
-Unit of stark outrider cavalry
-Unit of stark Swordemen
-unit of Bowmen

Stark commander was Lord Eddard ,  allowed by huis son and followed by nobles, as he was more veteran and apreciated by the men.
Robb lead anway a Unit

Brienne de Tarth is a very loved character of Luis so he hired her as chacrachter among the bowmen (I believe he should had increased his troops in other way..)

Catelyn Stark was the selected NCU, she could support the troops from the tactical board

Starks were deployed  in a very loose line covering the north side

Main Stark mobile-attack force on center-left:

Bowmen on the right:

The Lannisters under my command:

1 unit of Halberdiers
1 unit of Muntains men (Men At Arms)
1 Unit of crossbowmen
1 Unit of Lannister Guards (swordsmen)

Commander fig was Jaime Lannister
Mountains men were lead by his leader Ser GREGOR CLEGANE

NCU was Queen Cersei to damage the enemy plans and moral from the rear...

Lannister deploy: strong slow-attack force on the right. containing forces on the right-center

The game is very quick as each round is played by both players alternating the activation and actions of their respectve units. You can introduce changes and extra free actions with your "Tactic cards" (specific for each army and commander, you have always a Hand of three cards , drawing  and discarting from a gane-deck of 20)

We decided to play until a 4 vP conditions was acquired by any of us. at the end of any round we would count the occupied strategical points and save them as accumulated v points

 At the beggining the halberdiers rushed trying to get the hill.. they had no movement enough

Stark riders also ran trying to get the halberdiers flank, but they were in a dellicate position. The Mountain advanded to them, but also not enought movement..!!. The riders were able to charge the halberdiers, but not from flank but frontal charge upwards  (bad situation actually)

 Their hartd fight went on for 3 rounds  (sorry no more pics there, we did not realize then!) 

Robb Stark and the swordmen tried to make an explot of the Lannister formation gap and advanced against The Mountain 

Lannister left wing was somehow slow,, They just made some volley of  ineffective bolts with the crossbwomen.. 

Maybe the swordmen could make a good manuver afterwards? for sure..

Robb hit on the Mountian flank!! Big losses for these lannister mercenaries


The Wolf Greywind also entered the fight!!  The Mountain nearly was smashed with all his men

But then thing went totally bad for the Stark.. Lannsiter used tactic carsds and advantages form Tactical Board (where the NCUs play), so they could move fast with the swordmen to attack Robb´s rear.. it was so much for him and his men..

 Robb was the last man fighting...

 Epic  death of King Robb.. much more heroic than...


... ( abloody wedding)

Jaime went quickly away to fight the approaching bowmen from the west

Poor loyal Wolf Greywind also died afterwards.. They were close to Victory of this fight anyway..

Mountains men played and unexpected role of atraccting the enemy central force and resisting the fight.. result could have been quite different if Jaime had not helped!! 

Queen Cersei had been acting and conspiring against their enemies...

The Stark bowmen tried to advance on the West to the wood, but they were counterattacked again by Ser Jaime who made the more strategical actions of ther Game, turning  and keeping a central position in the filed. 
He damaged the bowmen and even as able to conquer the Wood..  The day was for the Lannister Army

Sadly we made no pcitures of the big fight on the left between the Lannister halberdiers and the Stark riders..These occupied the strategic hill point and charged against de halbediers, who were hard and had an advantage of defensive formation and halberds, and extra attack action.. 
Riders suffered heavy losses but were able to stand for two rounds, with the ability of eddard of recovering wounds...

At the end of orund 4, the unit wa salso destroyed an the hill also occupied by the halbdrdiers.
On the other side, the bowmen with Brienne stand but the wood was lost...

Starks: 2 points (2 accumulated strategic points)
Lannister:  4 points (2 strategic points and 2 enemnies detroyed)

Funny and fast game, I want to play again soon 

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2018

Preview of Game of Thrones Project Bigreestructuration --Wargaming!!

Hello, after several days of hard working in the miniatures , I will how you a preview of what I was developing..

As you know, I was already making several 1/72 customized figures for the Game of Thrones /Song of Ice and Fire universe, just for fun , when I casually found a nice Tabletop miniature game which appeared during 2017-2018.., developed by Company: Cool Mini or Not? /Dark Sword miniatures..

Some pics here... The launched original figures are extremely beautiful , but (in the case fortunately!) too big, 40mm, and  veeery expensive..

Official link:

That motivated me extremely to intensify my own production 1/72 figures..

I would like to try those rules since they are more or less open to find some versions in the web...
It is some kind of rank and file -dicing throwing system, roughly  as Warhammer is but  easier and nicely including some rules for not-fighting characters as Cersei Lannister, Sansa Stark, Varys the Spider and so on...

This existing system and units, charachters.. allowed me to made an easier plan..

I will try to make tmy own adaptation of he Existing armies/Factions  at the moment are 5: For War of the Five Kings, only three : Starks, Lannisters, mercenaries(Neutral);
and for the Far North: Wildlings beyond the Wall and the Nights Watch (Hope to see White Wlakers as well..)

That is a huge amount of excitation for me as you can imagine.

here I show you many Charachters during my "design phase" as well as some units, compared to the look in the TV Series and some other images (the game plates themselves  were a quite good inspiration) You must believe me, I was soo motivated ..

When I finish two basic armies (Stark and Lannister) I will post more defined and beautiful images,

Here just the (huge) preview



I had already figures for Eddard Stark and elder son Robb Stark "The Young Wolf", (and also Arya Stark girl as wanderer..)..

I have also  Jon Snow, if not properly a Stark member (at just at the beginning!)

I expanded with Catelyn Stark, Sansa Stark and Direwolves Greywind, Ghost and Summer and Bran stark plus HODOR... (also youngest Stark child Rickon there, but not finished yet.. his Direwolf also planned next)

Choosing the right size for the DireWolves was a challenge.. It should  not be exrtemely big but also not a dog or just "large wolf".

Ral Partha fantasy Wolves work really fine

Somw Robb+Greywind inspiration images

And here the result:

For Sansa and Lady Catelyn I took two nice 25mm medieval Ladies wich happen to be close to 1/72 enough.. (Sansa comes form Thunderbolt Mountain  miniatures, I added her a hairbraid to look more similar to TV series as the figure has loose  long hair

CAtelyn was more difficult as I could not find a good Lady looking like the TV charachter..
 I chose these Mega-Miniatues lady and added her some fur cape, after modifying slightly her headdress and also braid.. She makes the job I guess

I had to study carefully pictures of their delicate dresses form the Series, as if I was a  Fashion student...

Then I went for a bigger challenge.. young boy Bran Stark riding on HODOR!!!

Hodor is a mind-weakened giant carrying a handicaped boy... I needed some engineering skills to finsd and ensamble different pieces (an Games Workshop orc body parts + a Zvezda peasant head), plus a handcrafted paper "saddle"..

Bran is a body from an old  out-of-scale french dragoon  copied from airfix , on which I added a head of a Hat andalusian bowmen.. I am surprised still of the good results...

I learnt something very  important about human anatomy and proportions-Harmony for our hobby:
A small head on a big body looks really like a plausible giant.. 
However, a big head makes the sensation just of out of scale or deformation, which we dont want at all.(that happens often with classic fantasy 28mm figures....)

Another Ral Partha wolf chosen to be "Summer"..supposed to have more bRownish or beige fur at some points:

I made Osha, the wildling woman companion who ghoes along with Bran , rickon and Hodor for a part of their journey

Battle units:

I made a unit of swordmen  (different fig available form generic norman or medieval troops) , a unit of mounted outriders, (Redbox War of roses scottish and scurrers are so good for these) and some bowmen (not pictures yet!)

And finally Berserkers form House Umber.. I needed a tall strong guy to be Greatjon Umber, Lord of that House..

Again big body (28mm viking) + Normal head (orion slavs)  = gigantic man
(and a cloake from paper tissue as read somewhere in the net.. It works...

Berserks come from viking, saxon and slavic sets.. Fierce looking is accomplishe. They wear a red Banner with an unchained giant

Resultado de imagen de umber greatjon


I will not post the main lannister charachters as they are over other posts, lets wait anyway for next days;

Lannister units:

Ser Grgeor Clegane "The Mountain".. some of his men-at-Arms  also ready (not pic yet)

-Lannister guards: A unit made with different swordsmen.. They look nice in my opinion!

Jaime Lannister is on command

Working on shields was difficult but fun..

Crossbowmen (any XIV-Xv fig makes the job good enogh)

Also some very important side-characters: Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger),  Brienne de Tarth- Knight Maiden and Eunuch Varys "the Spider"

And finnaly, short preview fot the upcoming Wildlings and the Night Watch;

Jon Snow  and Direwolf Ghost with Maester Aemon and Samwell TArly

And wildling giants!!!

Hoipe you liked it!!! Enough for several days!!