martes, 13 de agosto de 2019

Undead Viserion

Although my last game brought Luck for all Daenerys Dragons, we fans of the TV Series still remember the Fate of Viserion there, when the Night King hit him with an icy Spear and converted him into a terrorific., blue eyed -undead Dragon,  which helped then  to go through the Wall!!

This is my own versin of that Undead dragon ,

 I searched fot a good model which could ressemble good the appearence in the Show , looking powerful as a dragon but also decadent as a cropse.. I decided for a very nice D&D model of "Silver Dragon"  which I bought not very expensive at about 17 eur.. Te original was totally silver coloured, i had to make some "weathering" on him ans still tryimng to conserve some "golden looking as alive,.,.

see how the Ngjt King looks sited on him!

The Army of the dead....

I  show you here the both versions: "Alive" (dragon from reaper Bones, also relative cheap, good models) and "Dead",

I would like that they would have looked more similar as they are supposed to be the same Dragon, but it is ok like that...

Finally also the three children of Danerys : drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion all together (and alive!)  i am happy with this, since I had this project for a long time.. Now I need to make more Unsullied and dothrakis for more battles!  Battle in Winterfell in scope now!!

lunes, 12 de agosto de 2019

some activity-- Beyond the Wall Epic Battle Report!!!

Hello, I made several  things, but did not have time to post anything,

Here my las progresses with the Dragons of Daenerys Targaryen
I even made a little battle with friend Gabi,  in which some Song of Thrones Charachters were surrounded in the cold North, beyond the Wall by lots of  undead Wights.
The Living are Some Night Watch + Wildling elements with Jon Snow,  Tormund Giantsbane and Sandor Clegane "The Hound" (We  simply played the events of Chapter "Beyond the Wall" form 7th Season of Game of Thrones show). The loyal Direwolf Ghost will also play

The Army of the Dead inlcudes several undead troops with an undead White Bear,  an undead Giant, White Walkers as leaders and The Night King himself

As no combat units "The Living" had a mix with Tyrion Lannistyer, Arya Stark and Sansa Stark... The dead had only a not-official Night Queen ...

We made some house rules in order to get some narrative form the Series: Daenerys and Jon must susvive for Living victory, and the Night King has a power: in shooting range of a dragon, if he rolls a 4 on D6 he autimatically kills that dragon.. Only 3 shots available.. God bet, isn it?

Fortunately, Queen Daenerys arrived with 2 dragons and was able to rescue most of the Raiding Party after acomplishing mission

The Living fought hard , able to destroy some undead units, and retreat to get picked by the dragons

Starting situation: 3 "Living" units surrunded by 7 of undead. They have to resist until rescue arrives. First casualty they make on Undead they must take also back to the south...

Jon Snow unit

Sandor Clegane "The Hound" unit

Tormund Giantsbane unit (Wildlings)



Some had fighting between the Wildlings and "mounted" undead troops: The living try to scape from the Bear!

 Very hard  attacks and counterattacks between the Living and the dead: Jon Snow has problems to move through a infinite  horde of zombies

Queen Daenerys arrived with Drogon (black) and Viserion (golden) : Air Power+ Fire for the living!

Viserion was moved to the back of the dead, trying to get some attention...

Finaly the scaping unit of Tormund will be mount on him after distracting enemy attention!

Drogon moved to Jon Snow and tears many enemies away to help the survivors to scape, but te ice spears of Night King were too Scary, so the dragon was a little reluctant to get into the heaviest bulk of the fight

Finnally Jon  and his last men get on the  back of Queen´s Dragon!!!

Only Sandor Clegane was too far from the Salvation, and died Bravely surrounded everywehre..

The dead keep the ground but they lose their main preys

Poor giant was only walking around,,, not a single combat action!

No dragon casualties (the opposite as the show..) and many of the Living scape, but the Hound and his men stayd behind to protect the rescue and were killed by the dead.. They are part of the Army of the Dead now..

other Heroes of the Day:

Ghost: The brave Wolf made lots of damages on the zombies and could survive with his master Jon Snow

Tormund and some wildling survivors: they could jump on Viserion and fly away.. Enemy did not expect thier movement!

Jon Snow and Daenerys: Love is stronger than all things, as this pair fought hard and scaped together on fierce Drogon,. who killed many zombies but not so many as desired.. Presence of Night King conditioned the game and I was afraid of moving the dragon too close..; maybe we should have thought a difeferent rule.. Anyway it worked and avoided having a "Killing unstoppable machine" on the table

The night King;: He lost this Battle... Anyway, all the time he approached to Dragons , it made them fall back,., So the poor foot units had to move and fight more for their lives.. what they did!!!..

Extremely fast  and heroic game, we were very happy.. My friend relaised too late that he was leaving my units free , focusing too much on threatening the dragons!!

Last pictures:  Here some fresh units for next battles: Night Watch types, recruited form all over the 1/72 ancients and medieval sets.. What do you think of them?

sábado, 11 de mayo de 2019

BLOOD AND FIRE-Mother of Dragons-actualization 2019

Hello , watching of last  TV episodes motivated me so much for finishing the sub-project of the powerful children of Daenerys at home, in form of 1/72 dragons!!

This is the result of both Dragons: Rhaegal (green) and Drogon black-red) , in the company of Deanerys, Jon Snow  and some Targaryen forces (including concellor and friend Missandei)

Hope to find  some brave fight with them against several enemies of the Queen!!


My Third dragon (Viserion) must be done in two version: golden as still alive with her Mother-Queen and , "pale" as undead and part of the Army of the Dead.. That wilL be next chapter