lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2022

Battle Report Night Watch VS Free Folk

After several months of inactivity and still health problems, I was able to summon my brother in love to fight a Game of Thrones Battle. This time my strong force of wildlings Commander by Mance Ryder is aproaching the Wall. My brother in Las José has a small force of watchmen, mercenaries and a little reinforcement from House Bolton, which Will try to stop them. Comannder Joer Mormont is dispatching orders from Castle Black to this little Army.

Mance right flank:.three inf. Units: some raiders, cave savages and some Bone Lord followers together with the general Mance Rayder. ah! And a GIANT

The left flank...welll.. just a WOOLLY MAMMOTH...Well separated from other friendly units...if wounded, It can disbamd and d charge against them!!

i really liked how The beast looked on the field...

The Night Watch men: Many proyectiles but few "hard boys" for a melee..It was José bet.  He did not know I  had still surprises

bsttle begins.. 

These were the non-combat units: Craster and Ygritte forbtje wildlings, Commander Mormont and First Builder of the Watch. treacherous Craster was very useful givind supplies and helaing to the FF.

The Wacth commanders wer enot able too cordinate fine their poor troops

the main wildling force run from the  right flank. The Watch advances some long-range crossbowmen...but them a surprise for them...a flanking force with raiders and  one skinchanger and his bounded Bear appesrs their back!
They manager however to escape from this surprise attack...but lose the chance to shoot 

Some mercenary archers try to shoot at the Mammoth Who advances too fast on the other succes..

The bear fails four times his attack always with 1 in dice! But his misión is accomplished...the rest of the free folk Army is already upon the crossbowmen Who could not Fire at all...
And the mamoth is also aligned ready to go over the Watch right flank!!

And his charge os terrific!! He goes through a unit of Watch Ranger hunters..heavy casualties...

On the other flank, the crossbowmen eliminates the bear but suffers Many casualties...a prident retirar across the Woods..the wildling Army now concentrstes on the Bolton heavy infantr
They try to fight but enemy are so many
this unit get Broken...

The Mammoth goes unstoppable now for the Watch veterans...Also heavy damage..

He finished his trample in the middle of the reamining Watch units.
At se time, the giant captures one objetive and fishts the surviving crossblwmen...
..the poor Night Watch is collapsing

Short  last Glory moments for the Watch Veterans: the fight against Mance Rayder unit influcting heavy casualties , evem destruing them, but the supoorting wildlingu It I the flank finished them

The end of the Battle...just the mercenary archers survivors after several retratos...The Mammoth got fin aly some wounds from the last attack of the Ranger Hunter but not enough for killing him  or making him reverse to own units ...
Great disasree for the Watch..end at sixth round, 7Vpt against 3Vp. At least some objetives were bravely defended till the end by the Watch....

It was very violent...We did not think Mammoth was so powerful...
I Guess I has to switch to actual unit cards from 2021-2022. Everybody says It is more balanced now....but It requieres again mucho printing and cutting!!
Anyway web enjoyed. I confirmed that free folk must basis jis táctics in overwhelmi g enemy with different units together and tryying to ha e local power somewhere with more men and Monsters.
Poor José Lear that Night Watch needs more distamce to shoot and that more melee units are always welcome. And also athat he has to heal his scarce Forces .or often with the NCU or tactical cards as the Night Watchmen are supposed to be difficult to kill and stand strong...

Víctory for the Free folk and Many trophies captures on the fallen  hatred Crows...

lunes, 24 de enero de 2022

Army of Daenerys

Hi,I managed to collect some good pics of the army of Daenerys Targaryen, just After getting his Unsullied un Astaphor
Their dragón babies are there . Also Missandri, Jorah Mormont an Barristan Selmy
Can you find Greyworm among the Unsullied?

jueves, 20 de enero de 2022

Baratheon heavy Knights

Hi, I happy 2022 to you all, colleaghes..
I was absent  so long for some health and motivation problems..
Let me show yo some converted Knights O Will use for Baratheon faction un Game of Thrones (loyalty for Stannis I Guess)
Hope you like them...

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2021

undead Knights

Another bunch of fantasy custom figures, 
This time, 17 undead Horse Warriors AMD thierbundead mounts...100% 3d printed home made!!!
I mixed several designs of horses and Riders..I experienced some trouble with the scaling down from original 28mm heroic scale..But after just Two trials, creating suitable bases and shields (which I did not print so craftwork required) and other adjustements for legs-saddles (as any plástic set), voila...

I believe they Will look fierce and scary enough, Riding from Death bAck to some Battle...

Hope to Paint them Soon and also mix with those Army of the Seas, Alliance sets 

domingo, 9 de mayo de 2021

The Nine-But eighteen??

 Hi, I received the Black Riders from Alliance ..Indeed accurate representation from the 9 Peter Jackson Ringwraiths/Nazgul, including a foot witch King and a mounted Mouth of Sauron...

some if the poses were added to my own custom Horse and Foot Nazgul (with armors and Helmets, quite inspired by Ralph Bakshi old film and other old references)..So I completed  9 of each!!

Easy fast painting Work of black-grey-white

I Will also make another flying Fell-Beast conversión and the remaining figures Will be possibly painted as genéric ghosts por wraiths for Undead fórces.

domingo, 18 de abril de 2021

Blood is Life..

i was having fun experimenting with Two further 3d printed, this time some Bloodthirsty creatures...
Do you think the painting schem work?