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Riders Of Doom (I)

Hi, I write little but try to revive my hobby and the posting in Old Sceavus blog :)
I take again one old Desired Project of mine...With help of a 3d printer, dreams come true easier
Inspired from the great Conan The Barbarian film (John Milius-De Laurentis 1982) I took the cimmerian Redbox Sets with pasión, and for years I was planning also to mix with some other figures and make my on custom charachters.. specially the villains, with Lord witch Thulsa-Doom and followers..

Here the first shorts...
More to come soom

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Ours is the Fury- R´Hllor is with us!!


Hello! a second Battle report in less than 1 week!

This time Stannis Baratheon, King in Dragonstone,  after killing his brother Renly and adding his forces to his army instead of attacking Kings Landing, goes to the north and tries to make a surpirse attack on unaware the forces of House Stark, trying to make the North surrender to him before going for the Throne of Iron.  Ser Davos Seaworth, the Onion Knight is acconpyning him, as well as his Queen Selyse and his daugter Shireen

By the way Ned Stark is alive and is together with his son Robb  and his master of Arms Rodrik CAssle... he does not undertsand this attack at all...  Is this the influence of the Red Woman?? No one knows but the battle is about to start..

Stannis deployment (my Army)

-Heavy Champion horse Knights on the right flank. 

-Steady center with 2 heavy units: 

Wardens  with shield+hammer

Stag knights with 2hand weapons (this latter commanded by Stannis himself),

Left flank, Sentinels (medium armed men-at-arms with  hand weapons on both hands), a littte more mobile than center units

Strategy will be keep compact and hit as true hammers, where and when possible

Stark deployment

A dense formation: Umber berserkers with Robb Stark on the right (increased speed), Outriders (fast medium striking cav) next to them , stark longbowmen and field Commander, Ser Rodrik, on the left with Stark swornSwords (medium, courageous infantry)

Left flank extrem:  Direwolf Greywind, trying to take any advnatage on enemy flank or rear  

Strategy of my brother in Law Jose is to observe what I do and launch any attack where my strong units would show a weak point

The Non Combat Units: 
Queen Selyse and Princess Shireen Barahteon
Ser Davos the Onion Knight

Lord Ned Stark (supporting the northern army from the Headquerters,, still injured from the fight in Kings LAnding when he was Hand of the King, but able to scape and give Battle orders)
Arya Stark (indisciplined but dangerous girl)

Battle starts in the center of the filed: the strongest Baratheon infantry (Stag knights) advances firmly with his king. Some arrows get at them but damage is minimal. 
Confidence in Stannis and the Lord of Light is high

Baratheon left flank: Sentinels advance and they are charged by the outriders, both units get some casualty. 
Berserkers and Robb advance to get in conctact with the Stag knights

Baratheon right: the heavy Horse advance  towards the Stark Swrodmen and Ser Rrodrik.. there is also a giant wolf around...

The stark outriders are not able to keep a steady fight against the baratheon setinels.. they retreat to a safer position after getting (and inflicting) some more casualties

General view: Barathoen heavy inf advances slowly but confident. berserks are a little exposed, but they dont fear any fight and go on.

Stark Archers and swordmen on the rear,  and Baratheon haevy horse also advancing

 Berserkers and stag knights clash!!!!

 berserkers are wild, but baratheon armor  and hammers are strong... 

Berserkers suffer comparatively more from this fight than their enemies

Baratheon heavy horse knights charge!!! Greywind tries to get advantage on the flank, but the heavy horsemen go first for him, confindent in not having much problem from the brave but not heavy armoured swordmen.. Poor Greywind dies, but the knight pay however some price foit that.
Now a steady fight starts, and baratheon heavy horsemen with maces are perfect for that...

Last moments for Robb stark and the berserkers.,,, The Stag knights were too much for them...

Outriders attempt another charge on the sentinels, and are succesfull this time. The baratheon unit is finnaly destroyed, but the strategy on disrupting the fight on this side was succesful for Stannis for enough time,,, The strong centre contingent is keeping strategic points and scoring VP, and they have nothing else in front of them but some pooor archers trying to make cuasualties shot after ahora...

 Indeed the stag knight ranks start to be weaker after much fight and arrows.. But the God of Light is still with them and King Stannis

ser Rodrik and the Stark swornswords can not stand longer against the Mounted knights... Baratheon are victorius on the right flank

Stannis destroys the archers but receive a last, desperate charge form the brave surviving outriders, from the flank!!

They almost kill the king!!!.....But then they got their last punishment with a combined attack... Last cavalryman retreats from the field definetely...

King Stannis keeps as Master of the field with still three combat units. Robb has fallen prisoner and Stark Army is disbanded

Ned Stark will have to think his loyalty once more,.,,,

The barahteon Faction is really a Rock. They dont need compicated plans but keep on ground together and advance to the enemy if necesary or just wait for them...
Poor Jose was trying to use the versatile and agressive Faction Stark (which I also like) but had not good luck or choices,,,

....Epilogue.. The true Baratheon Warden unit which was suppposed to be on the field dissapeared whe we were mountign the game table... I was crazy looking for it, and after 20minutes I had to replace the with spare figures on a white tray as you can see above in all previous pictures.

After the fight I found them.. Lost in the  Shoe´S Shire... :(

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Battle report: The Kraken Vs the Small Lion


As promised, here the battle report after I tested a first Greyjoy List Vs a Lannister Field Army

Maybe Theon convinced his Father to join the war on Stark side? Maybe however Lord greyjoy did not care where to ravage and pillage?

Well, a light raiding Force under Theon´s Command is facing a regular destacament under command of Tyrion Lannister "Halfman" on the field, supported by his brother Jaime "the Kingslayer" and Gregor Clegane "the mountain that rides"

As non combat units, Theon has logistical and spiritual help from his sister Asha and his Uncle Aeron , priest of the Drowned God. 

The Lannister brothers have his sister Queen Cersei and Peter Baelish "Little finger" operating in the diplomatic and intrigue "room". 

My friend Gabi is already an expert on this faction an his big lot of "tricks" and "treasons", Game will be funny. 


Greyjoys Deploy /form right to left flank)

-IronbornTrappers (light inf with lances)

-Ironmakers (heavy houscarles with armour and 2 hand wepaons). Inlcuding Theon as general

-Ironborn Reavers (medium warriors with shield and handwepon)

-Ironborn Archers (archers with light armor)

Kept on reserve (in ships?) to arrive after turn two and try to take by surporse the Lanister forcres

-Ironborn archers

-Ironborn Reavers 


Aeron Greyjoy

Asha Greyjoy

Here the four initial units on the field:

Lannister deploy:(from right to left flank)

-Heavy knights of Casterly Rock on horse

- Clegane Mountains Men, commanded by Jaime Lannister


-Lannister Halberdiers including army general, Tyrion Lannister

- Gregor Clegane, The mountain that Rides, solo unit on horse

Cersei and Littgle finger

Tyrion on his armor and his famous 2 bladed battleaxe in the unit of halberdiers. On the right you find huge and infamous Ser Gregor:

House Clegane Mountain men, commanded by Ser Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer:

Lannister deployment (Horse knights not in the pic, next to Jaimes unit)

Batlle starts! Infantry blocks advance and the heavy Lannister knights seem to be far away...

...However, Some good initiative and tactic cards and NCU plays, allow the heavy horse with cavalry lance to charge the reavers  flank in the first round! you can see the result.. 
Bad start for the men of Iron

Ironmakers suffer some crossbow bolts but are able to charge and injure Ser gregor in the flank, as he was too exposed;

Fast and light Ironborn  trappers join to the party and they tear the mounted behemoth down! 

After the reavers on greyjoys left are destroyed, the archers stay too vulnerable.. Even if they shot down some Jaime´s men...

Greyjoy Reinforcements appear on rounds 2 and 3, but the knights destroys easily the second reaver unit (not time evento make a picture of them!),which had attacked previously them! from the rear !!! and then the  first archer unt, just to pivot back to face the second Ironborn archer unit. Jaime too turns  to go back to the other side of thebattle .
Defense and moral saves are too weak in general for Greyjpy faction, if not boosted.. And prince Theon seems not to be an inspiring leader...

Anyway, the Ironmakers with him get to attack Tyrion and the HAlberdiers, but suffering heavy losses.. The crossbowmen eve nshot at them the  from the rear...

at least the fast and agile trappers were able once more to charge the halberdiers flank..

..Bad moments for Theon and his standard bearer... Halberdiers keep the ground inspired by Tyrion with his axe, and rest of the greyjoy capital unit is already dead,,,

In the meanwhile, The knights finished the last archers, inlcuding his armoured captain..

Last Fight between Tyrion halberdiers and the trappers keep fierce.. 
The light armoured lancers keep hard to kill and inlfict many wounds on the  disciplined, armored professional soldiers...

But as the Victorius cavalry arrives, there is not much more to do.. the last Greyjoy man dies Bravely and earns a Honour place in the Hall of the Drowned Warriors

Well, that was over... Great Lannister Victory.... Gabi did not get the 10VP, as my army was totally destroyed before.. Only 1 VP he missed,,,

 Just 2VP won  on my side...

I felt these greyjoys were nothing else  than Sea rats, but lets see in other ocassion.. Maybe if Asha commands them result is different.. 

(Indeed i have to learn mucb of this faction,. They are light, fast ,able to strike good and having bonus from "pillage" as they make casualties on the enemy.. But I was not able to. They missed too much moral , and the suffered much form really hard units commanded by a good player and all their tricks)....

As conclussion: Tyrion earns his  acclamation "Halfman! Halfman!! halfman!!

Theon is now a poor prisoner,,,

Next time with a true Daughter of the Kraken on the field, result will be something else!!