viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2018

Charge of The Rohirrim

It took me much longer than expected, but finally I got this epic and ferocious group, of which I am very proud  of :), they must match dhe Haradrim Mumak in Pellenor Fields battle...

several different  figure manufacturers, styles and even sizes work fine together with a good group composition and good and identificative colour green-brown-metal scheme 

The "Top Hits" of the group are again King Theoden, this time mounted, another nice Tumbling Dice metal viking figure and his Standard bearer (another TD metal mounted viking) 

My very first experiments with "basing" (using railway modelism grass material) are not too bad I Hope...

When I get more time, 2 more units and Eomer to be included 


11 comentarios:

  1. great choice of minis for this Sceavus, they look very good together and the bases are beautiful.

  2. Thank you sorinks, sadly little grass elements started to get loose and fell,if I do the same with hundreds of figures, Mrs Sceava Domina can take hard measures...I must prevent that situation!!

  3. A fantastic group of Rohan riders! They do look very realistic, an awesome work!!!

  4. Waow, they're really terrific! The idea to mix plastic references with Tumbling Dice minis is great - just like the rest of your ideas. Again, I love to try to guess what will come next thanks to your background :)

  5. Thank you Phil, your comment is so nice as always,
    I have 30 more figures to finish and then about 100 to start of different thematics...

  6. Wow! Looks extremely nice - especially the crowned hero of Rohan!